This page is a service of the Office of Communications at Hobart and William Smith Colleges for those who wish to read or save the full text of public speeches or lectures delivered on the campus.

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  • James McCorkle '76 gave remarks at the Distinguished Faculty Award Ceremony honoring Claudette Columbus.

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August 2012: Convocation

May 2012: Commencement

April 2012: Arbor Day

August 2011: Convocation

May 2011: Commencement

September 2010: Convocation

May 2010: Commencement

October 2009: President's Forum

September 2009: Convocation

May 2009: Commencement

April 2009: Elizabeth Blackwell Award and Benjamin Hale Dinner

September 2008: Convocation

May 2008: Commencement

April 2008: Charter Day and Elizabeth Blackwell Award Ceremony

October 2007:

August 2007: Convocation

May 2007: Commencement

April 27, 2007: Moving Up Day and Elizabeth Blackwell Award Ceremony

April 13, 2007: Benjamin Hale Dinner

August 30, 2006: Convocation

May 14, 2006: Commencement

April 22, 2006: Charter Day

August 31, 2005: Convocation

May 15, 2005: Commencement

April 27, 2005: President's Forum speech by Eric Liu, Author and founder of the Guiding Lights Project, titled "What Diversity Can-and Can't-Teach Us?"

April 19, 2005: President's Forum speech by Ray Burghardt, Former U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam, titled "Vietnam and the U.S.: 30 Years After the War, 10 Years After Normalization."

April 18, 2005: President's Forum speech by Eleanor Clift, Newsweek contributing editor, titled "Women and Politics-From Suffrage to Hillary."

Feb. 3, 2005: Medal of Excellence Award ceremony, acceptance speech by Reynold Levy '66, president of Lincoln Center

Jan. 19, 2005: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration, "Redeem the Dream" speech given by Rochester Mayor William Johnson

Sept. 24, 2004: Faculty Lunch with Dan Singal, professor of history, who presented "Understanding the 2004 Election: What History Can Tell Us"

Sept. 12, 2004: Chaplain Lesley M. Adams gave a sermon at Sage Chapel, Cornell University

Sept. 7, 2004: Convocation and Elizabeth Blackwell Award Presentation

May 16, 2004: Commencement

May 15, 2004: Chaplain Lesley Adams' Baccalaureate address, "Two Yellow Lines and a Dead Possum"

May 12, 2004: Assistant Professor Economics Jo Beth Mertens gave Mertens' Rules for College at the senior dinner.

April 24, 2004: Salisbury Center at Trinity Hall Dedication

Sept. 9, 2003: Opening Ceremonies

May 12, 2003: Provost Stranahan's Commencement II Remarks.

May 11, 2003: Commencement

May 10, 2003: Retiring Professor of Mathematics Ann Oaks' Baccalaureate 2003 Speech

May 6, 2003: Ann Oaks, professor of mathematics, spoke at a brunch for William Smith seniors.

April 11, 2003: Elizabeth Perry '69, the Rosovsky Professor of Government at Harvard University, spoke on "Revolution Betrayed? The Fate of Revolutionary Militias in China (and Other Post-Revolutionary Societies)" for a symposium celebrating Asia. That evening, the Colleges officially dedicated the Elizabeth J. Perry '69 Asia Library.

March 24, 2003: Former Ambassador to the United Nations Nancy Soderberg's "The Future of International Relations" talk, given for the President's Forum lecture series and the "A New World Order? Iraq, Terrorism, and International Relations" symposium.

Feb. 27, 2003: Mark Gearan's keynote address at Tabor Academy, for the Academy's "Awareness Day," an event themed around service.

Feb. 2, 2003: Assembly Majority Leader Paul A. Tokasz's keynote address at the Napier Leadership Seminar dinner.

Nov. 20, 2002: Open Letter to President Bush and Congress, requesting immediate reform to solve the problems with the current presidential appointments process, signed by President Mark Gearan.

Oct. 28, 2002: Ambassador Charles Stith's "Peace, Security and Justice: a Post-9/11 Prescription" President's Forum lecture.

Sept. 3, 2002: Convocation

Sept. 1, 2002: Dean of Hobart College Clarence Butler's address at the Matriculation Ceremony, Orientation.

May 13, 2002: Commencement II Provost Patricia Stranahan's Remarks

May 12, 2002: Commencement

May 11, 2002: Baccalaureate

Nov. 29, 2001: Ambassador Alan Keyes' "A Conservative's View: Restoring America After September 11" President's Forum lecture.

Feb. 12, 2001: Political analyst George Stephanopoulos' "An Inside View of Politics, the Presidency, and the Press" President's Forum lecture.

Sept. 4, 2001: Convocation

Sept. 1, 2001: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Former President Bill Clinton's visit.

May 13, 2001: Commencement

  • Moderator and managing editor of "Washington Week" Gwen Ifill "Exceed Your Dreams," Commencement.
  • President Mark Gearan "Valedictory to the Classes of 2001," Commencement.

June 11, 2000: Commencement

Jan. 11, 2000: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's panel discussion for the President's Forum lecture series.

Oct. 22, 1999: Mark Gearan's Presidential Inauguration

Oct. 15, 1999: "When Anthony Met Stanton" dedication remarks by sculptor A.E. Ted Aub.

June 14, 1998: Author and feminist Gloria Steinem, Commencement.

Feb. 9, 1996: Author and feminist Gloria Steinem, "Education from the Inside Out," Blackwell Award presentation ceremony for Wilma Mankiller.

June 13, 1993: Author Eric M. A. Lax '66 gave the Commencement address

May 26, 1974: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. gave the Commencement address.

1929: Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave the Phi Beta Kappa address.