Inauguration of Dr. Gregory J. Vincent '83

Jane Erickson '07 and Frank Aloise '87

Jane Erickson '07 and Frank Aloise '87
Greetings from the Alumni and Alumnae Associations
October 27, 2017

ERICKSON says: It is a privilege to be here to share in this day of celebration. On behalf of all alumni and alumnae, and as the presidents of the Associations, we are honored to welcome Dr. Gregory J. Vincent back to Hobart and William Smith as our president.

ALOISE says: President Vincent, there are 20,000 alumni and alumnae who live in every state of the nation and in nearly every country on the planet. We own businesses and run nonprofit organizations. Among us are teachers and politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs, artists and economists. And although we may live in different places and have different careers, every one of our life stories – all 20,000 of them – can be traced back to Hobart and William Smith.

ERICKSON says: On the occasion of your Inauguration, President Vincent, we pledge to do everything in our power to ensure that you have the resources, the support and the momentum you need to succeed.  We ask in return that you push the Colleges and all of us to dream more and achieve more, and that you honor our history and heritage as you also forge a path into the future.

ALOISE says: President Vincent, you have distinguished yourself as an accomplished intellectual, professor and administrator, and are leading a life of consequence. It is our hope that you will serve as a role model to our students and an example to our alumni and alumnae of what it means to be deeply engaged with Hobart and William Smith.

ERICKSON says: President Vincent, the Alumni and Alumnae Associations are united in our love for our alma maters and we are united in our support of you. We wish you all the best, and look forward to working together in the years ahead.