Brianna Moore '18

Brianna Moore '18
William Smith Student Address
August 28, 2017

I came to HWS thinking it wouldn’t be much different from my boarding school. I knew I’d have to make a new group of friends, learn how to live in a new atmosphere, and find my place in what I considered a small world full of 18-23 year olds. My parents dropped me off with no problem because they were used to me being away and, quite frankly, looked forward to it.

For me, transitioning from a high school of only 175 kids to a college of over 2000 proved to be difficult. My first night of orientation weekend, I didn’t participate in any events but instead hid in my room because I didn’t feel comfortable with my surroundings and I didn’t know anyone yet. I started my first few weeks only socializing with my roommates and First Year Seminar classmates.

I noticed that the majority of people on campus were getting involved but having a field hockey player and a dancer as roommates wasn’t easy. I felt like the odd ball by not exploring what my campus had to offer.

It may sound funny, but Saga has had a major impact on my social life. By having unintentional conversations while getting food or waiting in line to swipe in, I met my best friends and a great deal of people I hang out with today. I was forced to socialize which made me uncomfortable, but it has brought me to where I am today.

I’ve had the opportunity to be an RA to first years for the last three years, the Chair of the Judicial Board, a student worker in many different departments, and it has afforded me the opportunity to speak with you all today as one of you Student Trustees. While I’m grateful for all the accomplishments and opportunities, they would not have happened if I didn’t become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

College is the time for you to explore, get out of your comfort zone, and educate yourself in areas you may not have thought you’d be interested in. With the endless amount of resources and clubs, there is something here for everyone and if you can’t find it on your own, there’s always someone willing to help.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the last three years is that at the end of your four years here, you’ll have a story. That story will hold chapters full of memories that you’ll create from the games and events you’ll attend, the social events where you’ll meet your best friends, and the journey you took to find your career path.

Getting involved will enhance your college experience, so take advantage of your time because before you know it, you’ll be writing the end of your undergrad story.

As I write the end of my story I’ve learned that everything that I wanted was on the other side of fear, that it’s okay to not know what direction your life will go in, and that I was most comfortable when outside of my comfort zone.