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  • Maddox '26 offers remarks at Morristown MLK event

    "Treat everyone fairly, speak up for people who are afraid to speak up. Respect people for who they are," says MLK Scholar Byron Maddox Jr. '26, from Union, N.J.

  • HWS Participates in MLK March

    In addition to faculty, students and staff, President Mark D. Gearan and Mary Herlihy Gearan joined Geneva's March in honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and were recognized in a Finger Lakes Times article.

  • Progressive Caucus starts year with bigger roster, focus on unity

    Roll Call recently tapped Professor of Political Science DeWayne Lucas to explain the difference between the Progressive Caucus and the Freedom Party. An expert in legislative politics and political parties, Lucas says it comes down to unity within their party.

  • Professor Jacobsen on the Job Market

    Professor of Economics Joyce P. Jacobsen commented on the job market and economic growth predictions for 2023 in an article “The 10 Best States to Find a Job Right Now, According to New Research” that was carried by multiple news outlets both nationally and internationally.

  • Professor Khan Discusses Pakistan Economy on East Asia Forum

    "Can Pakistan avoid becoming an international basket case?" by Professor of Economics Feisal Khan appears in East Asia Forum.

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