Good evening and welcome. Allow me to add my own congratulations to Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford, as you well know, William F. Scandling is a graduate of Hobart College, Class of ’49, and a generous benefactor to both these Colleges and the University of Rochester where you both met. This evening we were to honor Bill Scandling as Hobart and William Smith Colleges first Trustee Chair Emeritus. Unfortunately, Mr. Scandling could not be with us this evening, but we are sending him a videotape of this wonderful event, so if you would all please, turn for a brief moment and face the cameras behind you and send a special Hobart and William Smith round of applause to Bill.

Thank you. Along with that wonderful greeting, a Resolution, adopted by the Board of Trustees, will be sent to Bill, which I will read now:

William F. Scandling ’49 LL.D. ’67
The First
Trustee Chair Emeritus
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Whereas, William F. Scandling, son of Hobart College, graduate of the Class of 1949 and recipient of an Honorary Doctor of Laws in 1967 has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to these Colleges for more than half a century, and

Whereas, William F. Scandling, who, as a young student at Hobart College was a co-founder of the Saga Food Service Corporation, a pioneer in management empowerment that became one of the most successful entrepreneurial business enterprises in the country, and who, as an alumnus has never forgotten his campus roots and continues to remain a vibrant part of this campus to this day, and,

Whereas, William F. Scandling has, through his leadership serving on the Colleges Board of Trustees for more than 36 years, 11 of those as Chair, provided invaluable advice and insightful guidance to Presidents, Trustee Chairs and his fellow Trustees at these Colleges throughout these many years, and

Whereas, William F. Scandling, as a philanthropist of the highest order, has provided for the creation of the Scandling Center, opportunities for education to numerous students through the Scandling Scholarships, his ongoing financial support of the Annual Fund and myriad unstated methods of generosity, and

Whereas, these above actions, as well as many others, serve as testament to the undying commitment to and understanding of Hobart and William Smith Colleges by William F. Scandling, and

Whereas, William F. Scandling is known by faculty, staff, students, alumni, alumnae, administrators, his fellow trustees and the greater Geneva community as a person of deep integrity and generosity and as a true gentleman, and

Whereas, William F. Scandling shares a common bond of kinship with all those who love Hobart and William Smith Colleges as he does, and

Whereas, the title of Trustee Chair Emeritus, being the highest honor these Colleges can bestow on a member of the Board, is a just and fitting tribute to the dedication shown by William F. Scandling to Hobart and William Smith,

Therefore, it is with the deepest appreciation and sincere affection that the Board of Trustees of Hobart and William Smith Colleges do hereby


That William F. Scandling, Hobart Class of 1949 and Honorary Doctor of Laws, 1967, is granted the title

Trustee Chair Emeritus

With all of the rights and privileges thereto pertaining.

Thus stated this Ninth day of September, Two Thousand and Three.

Bill, you have been a friend to these Colleges for many years, we are fortunate indeed to have you as one of our own. We wish you good health and happiness always, and thank you for your incredible generosity to Hobart and William Smith.




Introduction of Chair Emeritus, Charles H. Salisbury, Jr., Chair, Board of Trustees

Sept. 9, 2003