Today I have the honor of presenting a glass pine tree to Dr. Loretta Ford, founder of the nurse practitioner model and recipient of the Elizabeth Blackwell Award. William Smith College adopted the pine tree as its emblem to commemorate the generosity of its founder and namesake, a local nurseryman. The pine tree is a symbol of resilience: it grows strong throughout the year in spite of the elements. The pine tree is a symbol of service: it provides food and shelter for birds, squirrels and other wildlife. And the pine tree is a symbol of hope: it remains ever green in the winter, as though to remind that spring will soon come. So you see the pine trees found on our campus serve a much more important role than just to beautify. At the very fiber of William Smith College is the appreciation of endurance, service and hope. On behalf of the women of William Smith College, I would like to present you, Dr. Loretta Ford, with this glass pine tree in recognition of your resilience, dedication to service and for bringing hope to many by your important contribution. You are an inspiration to the women of William Smith. Personally, as an aspiring physician, I look to your accomplishment as an example of the way one person can change the world of medicine.



William Smith Presentation to Elizabeth Blackwell Award Recipient Loretta C. Ford, Julia James ’04

Sept. 9, 2003