Meg Marsh '03, president of William Smith Congress

SternIt is my pleasure today to present Judge Stern with a glass pine tree. In the forest, the pine tree grows tall, weathering hardships of wind, snow, and rain. It remains strong and beautiful through all seasons of the year, making it a symbol of long-suffering, steadfast friendships, and enduring fame. The pine tree is an emblem of William Smith College, as so many can be found around the campus and because of its lasting strength and beauty. The women of William Smith College would like you, your Honor, to have this pine tree as thanks for being such an important part of our community for so many years. You, like the pine tree, have stood with us through many different seasons. You've been a Hobart student, a member of the board of Trustees, and a father of a Hobart student. Now, your generous contribution that allows us to have this new building is further proof of your steadfast commitment to our community. I am pleased to be able to thank you on behalf of the William Smith community.

Ryan Gillmore '03, President of Hobart Student Government

Judge Stern, I speak on behalf of the entire Hobart Student body when I say that it is an honor having you hear today. Your distinguished career in the legal profession along with your continued commitment and generosity to the Hobart and William Smith community has set an example for all of the men at Hobart College to admire and strive to achieve. Our communities continued focus on the development of our campus has yielded many drastic changes over the past few years. None can compare to the building already under construction just behind us on the opposite side of the Smith Green dedicated rightfully so in your name. This building will improve the academic experience for Hobart student for years to come along with strengthening the physical layout this campus.

On behalf of the Hobart Student Government and the Hobart student body as a whole, it is my pleasure to present you with this print of one of our campus's most prized pieces of architecture Coxe Hall; to show our gratitude for the efforts that you have made to ensure that the Hobart and William Smith community will continue to thrive as a center for higher education.

Judge Stern, thank you.



Presentation of Gift From William Smith Congress

Convocation, September 3, 2002