salisburyIt is a great personal pleasure and an honor to introduce Herbert J. Stern, a distinguished graduate of Hobart College, an accomplished attorney, a tireless public servant, a consummate legal educator and author as well as a great friend and Trustee of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Since leaving this campus in 1958, Judge Stern has achieved remarkable success in every imaginable facet of the law. After graduation from the University of Chicago Law School, he served as Assistant District Attorney in New York. Noteworthy during this period was the conduct of the Grand Jury investigation of the murder of Malcolm X and the subsequent arrest and later murder conviction of three individuals.

Thereafter, he served as a Special Attorney for the United States Department of Justice pursuing municipal and trade union corruption in New Jersey. These successes led to his appointment as United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey by the President. While United States Attorney, he conducted or supervised the trials of numerous senior state and local elected officials.

His career then moved to the bench where he served as a United States District Judge for the District of New Jersey and then the United States Judge for Berlin.

His successes in the courtroom as a prosecuting attorney were the subject of a book, Tiger in the Court, which chronicles his pursuit of corruption in New Jersey. His service as a judge in Berlin was the source of a book he wrote, Judgment in Berlin, which inspired a movie in which Martin Sheen played Judge Stern.

In 1987 Judge Stern founded a law firm of which he is the Senior Partner. Stern, Greenberg & Kilcullen is based in Roseland, N.J.

In his free time he somehow has found time to write five volumes titled Trying Cases to Win. He has also served for 21 years as co-director of the University of Virginia School of Law Trial Advocacy Institute.

No introduction of Judge Stern would be complete without mentioning the joy he finds in his family. His wife, Marsha Stern, son Sam—Hobart '03, and daughter Sarah are here with us today.

And now it is my honor and pleasure to introduce our keynote speaker, honored guest and the generous benefactor of Stern Hall, my friend The Honorable Herbert J. Stern.



Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Charles H. Salisbury, Jr. '63, Chairman of the Board of Trustees

September 3, 2002