My family and I join with all of the donors – and their families – in dedicating a new house of learning upon this campus. For this is what this building will become, and is already becoming.

Those who witnessed the evolution of this structure recognize that its true footings are deep within our academic community, resting, for example, upon the work of graduates such as Pam Rew, William Smith Class of 1981, the architect who conceived its form and Nate Podkaminer, Hobart College Class of 1969, the construction manager who guided its creation; upon the leadership of President Mark Gearan and Vice President and Project Director Paul Bringewatt; upon the generosity of those whose names you will see grace many of its chambers; and, of course, upon the many others who in small and large ways helped complete this building. These are the true spiritual foundations of this Hall.

We thus understand that this Hall embodies more than bricks and mortar. At least, it does to us. To us, it represents a common commitment to these Colleges – to those who are here now, to those who will come hereafter, to those who were here once. We gather to acknowledge that spirit which we cannot see but we know exists, and without which there would be nothing to dedicate today.

There is a centerpiece to this house, one that will determine its shape throughout the course of its future; the learning and the dedication of splendid faculty exemplified by the ones that are now in residence and who continue its tradition. It is here that these faculty will welcome, teach, mentor and ultimately send off succeeding classes of Hobart men and William Smith women. It is their accomplishments within these walls and due to the dedication that the enduring character of this Hall will be shaped. It is with complete confidence in the faculty of these Colleges that we now dedicate and simultaneously confide its future into their hands.



Dedication of Stern Hall, The Honorable Herbert J. Stern '58

Sept. 9, 2003