Agnelloa poem by Jamie Agnello '07

speak softly in this place

I genuflected to the approaching rain
hoping that my bowed head
would persuade it to come closer,
faster, fly in on paper rocket wings

father, son, and holy ghost
lend me your lightning
put your thunder in the soles
of my sandals, help me
steal the world by storm

tiny bulbs stir under my skin
unafraid of bloom and the
slow brilliant fade
of finally falling into rhythm
with the world—
humming in the young afternoon

where I, with silken soaked cheeks
and a heart like electric sparks
vow to paint the sidewalks clean

like raising the chalice to drink red
I will hold doves to my breath
and they will fly—

violets from under my tongue will be the fire
held tightly in their beaks
to set the wick of my dawn aflame

and like swallows and boomerangs,
they will come home.



"speak softly in this place," a poem by Jamie Agnello '07