President Gearan, members of the faculty and administration, honorable guests, and fellow students: welcome. I should like to begin my remarks, by thanking the students, faculty, staff, trustees and all of those who made orientation a success. There are two things I wish to speak about today. First, I want to warn the First year students about speaking to President Gearan. Know that he can be very persuasive. At the end of your four years here you to may find yourself applying to the Peace Corp, or even maybe the Americorps. As many of you are just setting out on your HWS journey, I wish to share my first hand experience of getting from where you sit to where I stand. To be honest, during my first semester here I wanted to go back home. I felt uncomfortable; I missed my friends, my family, and the course load at the time seemed overwhelming. After a few weeks I finally decided to attend a Hobart student government meeting. From that involvement, I joined other organizations and eventually I found my place here in our community and my road to the Peace Corp. This leads me to the second part of my remarks. My advice to the first year students is break through the wall of discomfort. Do not simply spend your time here at HWS attending classes, but venture out, attend a meeting, play a sport, attend guest lectures and connect with your professors and fellow students. From this I made lasting friendships and memories, which I know will continue much longer than my time spent here at HWS. As a Druid and Student Trustee, I take the privilege and opportunity to recognize the student groups and I ask that you please stand. The Druids, Chimera and Orange Key, these statesmen contribute to life outside the classroom. If you follow the example of the men before you and challenge yourself, I promise that you will feel Hobart and William Smith is your home away home. Thank you.



Student Address Raul Nuñez '06, Hobart student trustee

August 31, 2005