Let me express my appreciation to Mr. Salisbury and the Board of Trustees; to Dean Stranahan and Professor Frishman and our faculty colleagues; to Chaplain Adams, Ms. O'Laughlin and our staff colleagues here today; to Ms. Marsh and Mr. Gillmore and the student bodies for whom they speak; and to Judge Stern for your eloquent statement on the bonds of tradition and the reversal of anthropomorphosis.

The first President of what was then only Hobart College, Rev. Jasper Adams, said in an address to the Board of Trustees, "The generations which shall come after you—to whom you shall have furnished the blessings of instruction—will rise up and call you blessed. This institution has been to you an object of deep solicitude. You have bestowed upon it your exertions, your resources and your ardent prayers. It will be a monument in all future times."

Judge Stern, you too have made this institution an object of your deep solicitude. You have furnished the blessings of instruction with your generosity. And Stern Hall will be a monument in all future times. And for that, I honor you and thank you.



Closing remarks by President Gearan

September 3, 2002