CommencementTwo hundred sixty-four Hobart students received their Certificate of Matriculation and College seal pin during Sunday's ceremonies on the Quad. Dean of the College Clarence E. Butler told students:

"At Hobart College, we take seriously the notion from antiquity that the matrix is where development takes place. As that is the case, know then that you will have to work very hard for the years before you to be merely a time for accumulating courses. For everywhere you turn, you will encounter subtle and some not so subtle reminders of what we expect of you and of what others who preceded even you and me hoped for us today. The courses listed on your transcript will be only a symbol of the education which you will have acquired and helped others in acquiring.

"Matriculation is, you see, more than a mere roll coll. It is your stepping forward to announce your readiness on the one hand to accept the challenges that comes with the pursuit of knowledge, and on the other hand to take upon yourself the responsibility, as a Statesman, to uphold the name of Hobart College in everything that you do, both on and off campus, and through your own varied achievements, to bring your alma mater further honor and fame."



Matriculation Ceremony 2002