Nicholas A. Rasetzki '35

Composer; Author; Businessman; Volunteer; Educator

Nicholas Rasetzski was a 20th Century Renaissance Man - composer, symphony commentator, author, businessman, volunteer, teacher and educator.

A native of Germany, Rasetzski, while still at student at Hobart, translated and had published Nevertheless, the weekly sermonettes of the canon of the Berlin Cathedral. He subsequently worked with Paul Tillich on a translation of The Interpretation of History

Rasetzski taught at Boston University, Northeastern University, and Babson College, where he also served as director of admissions.

He served as an honorary trustee of Anatolia College in Greece, and he sponsored several Anatolia students at Hobart. He also served for many years as commentator fo the Boston Symphony Orchestra's Esplanade Concerts and composed several works for the Boston Pops, as well as writing the official march of the 102nd Air Defense Wing of Massachusetts.

In additon to retiring as vice-president of International Culture Services, he volunteered with the Greater Boston Guidance Club, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Crusade, and was a founder of Cape Cod Hospital.