Training in a COVID-19 World


Before 2020, social distancing was never a consideration when designing fitness centers. That got Chris Gray thinking outside the box, literally and figuratively.

Now in his third year as HWS’ John J. Hogan ’88 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Gray helped to devise workouts for Herons and Statesmen over the spring and summer. With gyms across the country closed, “we tried to meet the kids where they were,” he says. “We surveyed everyone to find out what, if any, equipment they had at home and then provided them with tailored workouts pertinent to their circumstances.”

With Statesmen and Herons back on campus, Gray has prepared strength, speed and agility drills that can be done outside, spreading small groups of student-athletes out over a 100-yard field. Team workouts will be held outside when the state permits.

Aware that some student-athletes haven’t had consistent, intense workouts in six months, Gray has designed the workouts to start at 50% intensity and volume and build up to 100% over four or five weeks. “It’s a safe and progressive way to build up to full capacity and have our teams ready to return to competition in 2021,” he says.