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Faculty can use this site at any time to view faculty schedules, class lists, contact advisees, advising information, course enrollments, and post final grades. Currently supported browsers for the HWS PeopleSoft website are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

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Course Proposal Forms

Deadline: New Course Proposals for courses offered in the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 academic year are due February 9, 2024. New First Year Seminar proposals are also due February 9, 2024. New Course Proposal Forms can be found here.

Course Proposals - Bidisciplinary Courses (PDF version)
Course Proposal - Capstone (PDF version)
Course Proposals - Capstone Experience (PDF version)
Course Proposals - New Course
Course Proposals - First Year Seminars (PDF version)
Course Proposals - Off-Campus Programs (PDF version)
Course Proposals - Reader's College (PDF version)
Course Proposals - New Course Description (PDF version)
Course Proposals - New Course Number (PDF version)
Course Proposals - Changes to Goals (PDF version)