We are a service organization offering a wide range of academic and administrative services associated with records, course registration, advising, graduation services, academic space management and scheduling for students, faculty, and staff. The Registrar’s Office also maintains the academic calendar and publishes the colleges’ course catalogue.

The Office serves as a repository of faculty information and schedules, course enrollments, course offerings, student records, grades and degrees conferred. Such records are maintained using information systems and web-services designed to enable students, academic advisers, staff, departments and programs to conduct their professional duties in a decentralized environment.

Registrar's Office Mission Statement

Academic Transcripts

Official transcripts may be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse. The link to order an electronic transcript or paper can be found here. Visit the help section for more information. A credit card is required.

In order to track your previous order click here.

Unofficial transcripts for current students can be generated via your PeopleSoft account, which can be found here. Students can get assistance generating transcripts by clicking help, including how to disable pop-up blockers, as this will prevent transcripts from appearing. Unofficial transcripts for students who have graduated should fill out the academic transcript request form found here.

Other Registrar's Office Services

Student Information

HWS PeopleSoft Website

Students are encouraged to visit this site for on-line registration, drop/add, view class schedule, check final grades, access unofficial academic transcript, track progress towards completion of degree requirements, view course descriptions, student account information, financial aid and a schedule of classes for the semester.

Faculty Information

HWS PeopleSoft Website

Faculty can use this site at any time to view faculty schedules, class lists, contact advisees, advising information, course enrollments, and post final grades. Currently supported browsers for the HWS PeopleSoft website are Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.

Course and Exam Schedule

Schedule of Classes:    Fall 2019  Spring 2020

Final Exam Schedule:   Spring 2019

Projected 4-Year Course Offerings

Summer Session


Registration Information


Shopping Cart Report

Waitlist Process

  • PeopleSoft Online Registration Youtube Tutorials

    • How to login to PeopleSoft

      • This video shows you how to login to PeopleSoft. PeopleSoft is a portal where you are able to look at the classes being offered this semester, add them to your personal shopping cart, and enroll in classes.
    • How to add classes to your Shopping Cart

      • This video shows you how to add classes to your Shopping Cart. Adding classes to your shopping cart does not mean you have enrolled in these classes. The shopping cart is a place for you to plan and save the classes you are interested in taking next semester.
    • How to Enroll

      • This video shows you how to enroll in your classes. On the day of your enrollment appointment, you may enroll in your classes at 7 a.m. You may also swap classes during the time of your enrollment appointment. All students have a second opportunity to enroll in classes during open enrollment. If you need assistance, please visit the registrar.
    • How to Swap Classes

      • This video shows you how to swap out of a class: meaning you can switch out of a class you are enrolled in, to a class you are not currently enrolled in. Swapping classes is the most effective way to switch out of a class, and in to another class. This process ensures that you have a seat in 4 credit classes next semester.
    • How to Drop a class

      • This video will show you how to drop out of a class. Also refer to the Swap feature, if you are interested in switching out of a class you are currently enrolled in, and switching in to another class. The Swap feature is a safer way to change your schedule, because it ensures you are still enrolled in 4 credit classes.

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Office of the Registrar
Demarest Hall, Lower Level
Phone: (315) 781-3651
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fax: (315) 781-3920

Meet the Staff

Registration Information

Important Deadlines

Important Dates

June 11, 2019

Last day to withdraw from a Maymester course.

Last day to change from a graded course to credit/no credit for Maymester.

June 17

First day of classes for Summer Session 2019.

June 18

Last day to submit final grades for Maymester.

June 18-19

Drop/Add for Summer Session 2019. Drop/Add form required.

July 19

Last day of classes for Summer Session 2019.

Last day to withdraw from a Summer Session course.

Last day to change from a graded course to credit/no credit.

July 26

Last day to submit final grades for Summer Session.

Sept. 6

Official grades for incompletes are submitted by the instructor to the registrar.

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