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The Registrar's Office is an office of the faculty, supporting the academic mission of the Colleges by providing guidance and leadership to the academic community. This is achieved in accordance with academic policies and procedures established by the Colleges, in conjunction with rules and regulations established by accrediting agencies, state and federal law. This office is charged with implementing and administering academic policy established by the faculty (and its committees) in conjunction with the provost, the deans and all academic officers. The Registrar's Office participates and plays a key role in the review, development, and enforcement of goals, objectives and work plans of the Colleges. The faculty and administration depend upon the Registrar to identify services which can be improved, identify problems and offer solutions through the analysis of information maintained by this office.

The Registrar's Office plays a key role in advancing the Colleges through technology, responsible for the integrity, accuracy, security and confidentiality of academic records. The office also maintains a complex integrated database, advances significant systems and operational enhancements, and supports enrollment management and institutional research.

The Office serves as a repository of faculty information and schedules, course enrollments, course offerings, student records, grades and degrees conferred. Such records are maintained using information systems and web-services designed to enable students, academic advisers, staff, departments and programs to conduct their professional duties in a decentralized environment.

We are a service organization offering a wide range of academic and administrative services associated with records, registration, advising, graduation services, academic space management, and scheduling for students, faculty, and staff.