Online grade submission will be available via the PeopleSoft Faculty Center beginning Monday, May 10, 2024. All grades are submitted online in the PeopleSoft Faculty Center.

Final grades are due 96 hours after each final examination. Timely submission of grades is important to our students’ success. Delays can adversely affect students’ ability to graduate, to register, or to be effectively reviewed by the Committee on Standards. Please submit grades by the deadlines below.

All grades must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 14.

Online Grade Reporting

Online grading is available to faculty beginning Monday, May 10.

  1. 1. Login into PeopleSoft using your HWS Network ID and password.
  2. 2. Navigate to Campus Solution > Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule to view your current schedule.
  3. 3. Be sure you are viewing the current term and change the term if necessary.
  4. 4. Select the class to grade and click on "Grade Roster" icon.

Important Note on Incomplete Grades:

Incomplete grades (“I”) require the instructor to submit a ‘lapse’ letter grade that represents an evaluation of the student’s work at the time the incomplete is submitted. This is the grade that will be recorded should the incomplete work not be submitted. Once the incomplete deadline passes, if no subsequent grade is reported, the grade automatically defaults to the lapsed grade as the permanent grade.

Grades of I, D+, D, D-, DCR, F, and NC require a reason for the grade. If a grade roster contains one of these grades, PeopleSoft will not allow the roster to be saved until the prompts are followed to enter a Transcript Note for each of these grades. (To enter a note/reason, click on "Transcript Note" – 2nd tab at the top of the list – and click "Note" in the last column. Add any additional notes/reasons by adding new rows using the + sign. Helpful hint: save frequently and do not use the back arrow key on your browser.)

Grades can be changed using the "Request Grade Change" button.

Note that students can view their grades within two hours once submitted.

Independent Study Titles: Titles are important to completing a student’s transcript. Please submit these to Katelyn Bennett ( as soon as possible.

General Notes Regarding Final Examinations
Faculty may substitute a take-home exam for an in-class final; however, take-home exams should be due no earlier than the exam period scheduled for the course.