Lesson Worksheets

Science on Seneca has teamed up with your teachers to put together worksheets to help you learn even more about Seneca Lake.

Animals and Plants of the Finger Lakes

Animals and Plants of the Finger Lakes is a great resource for pond, stream and lake life identification and classification. Find out what those little creepy crawlies and green bits really are!

Geology of the Finger Lakes

The Geology of the Finger Lakes includes information on how the Finger Lakes were formed. Our Geology of the Finger Lakes Powerpoint presentation shows, image by image, how the lakes were formed.

Water Resources

Visit a variety of websites with information about the water quality of Seneca Lake, the Finger Lakes, and the region.

Summer Programs for Students

There are a number of colleges in the region that offer opportunities in the summer to expand your knowledge of the environment, earn college credit or just have a great time!

Summer Programs for Students:

  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges
    The Environmental Studies Science Youth Institute, for high school juniors or seniors, provides exceptional opportunities to explore the scientific, social, and humanistic perspectives of environmental issues.