The Trias Residency for Writers offers visiting writers freedom for writing and meaningful mentorship of students. It combines the best characteristics of a high/low-residency program over two academic semesters.

fall semester/high residency

In the fall, writers will be in full residence, working with selected students in one small advanced workshop. This limited teaching schedule is designed to facilitate work on a major project and to enable rich interaction with some of our most talented undergraduates. The visiting writers will also bring in two readers, offer one reading, and participate in one community event.

spring semester/low residency

In the spring, financial support will continue, but teaching and residency expectations are more flexible.  Writers will make 2-3 scheduled campus visits, and run a 3-4 person tutorial through electronic media. This semester, the writer will also offer a public lecture and bring two authors or poets to campus. Writers may choose to return to home institutions this semester, travel on book tours, or focus on creative efforts.

We also ask the writer remain connected with Trias after your time in Geneva, nominating talented individuals for future residencies, participating in the selection process in the year following the writer's residency (and afterwards—if so desired), and keeping the Colleges updated on the writer's accomplishments.