The Trias Residency, together with student publications, the Seneca Review and our permanent faculty in the English Department, brings new energy and focus to creative writing and literary life on campus.

the residency

A space off campus provides housing for the writer, space for occasional class meetings in a dedicated setting, and space for social gatherings and small readings.

the workshop

Our permanent faculty in writing builds intimacy and connection among student poets and fiction writers. The Trias Workshop complements our program by providing the opportunity to work with new, talented teachers every year.

Our best students in writing will have the opportunity to learn from a new nationally-known writer in a small workshop each fall. Students will learn from working artists, gain new perspectives on writing and develop a relationships with their workshop group. Classes meet in a dedicated space, just off campus in the new Residency building. Applications are due to the director of the Trias Residency in early April.

the tutorial

Three to four students will have the chance to work closely with the Trias resident in a small tutorial in the spring. Students will develop a portfolio suitable for publication or graduate school applications. The Trias writer will select members of the tutorial, generally from the fall workshop.

the reading series 

The visiting writer will bring four readers to campus and offer other public events throughout the year.