Before You Apply

Before applying to study abroad, consider how your program choices will impact your academic life at HWS. How will you fulfill the courses and credits you need for your major(s)/minor(s)? Will you be able to get the courses you need abroad, or will you take them before or after your time away? Meet with CGE staff and your academic adviser(s) to discuss which programs would be a good fit for you and your academic plans. Explore your options on our program brochure website.

Students interested in off-campus study who have questions about financial aid should reach out to the Financial Aid office before applying. Your aid will apply on the same basis as at HWS (with the exception of work study) when you participate in a semester-long HWS off-campus program. Any student, even those not currently receiving financial aid, can apply for aid based on economic eligibility. Explore the Financial Aid/Scholarships page on our website to see the scholarships, grants, and funding opportunities specific to study abroad. 

If you are a student athlete, speak with your coach about when might be the best time for you to study abroad. Teammates who have already gone abroad are also a good resource for you and can share some of their tips and strategies about training while abroad. With careful planning and communication, student athletes can study abroad!

  • Pre-Departure Planning

    Preparing for study abroad: an overview of important pre- and post-admission tasks, deadlines, and other information.

  • Health and Medical Concerns

    Information on insurance, travel support, and managing medical issues.

  • Academics

    Preparing for your academic experience abroad: what to expect, credits/grades, and accommodations.

  • Money and Banking

    An overview of important financial policies and tips on managing money while abroad.

  • Housing Abroad

    Housing options vary by program. Some offer homestays, while others may provide accommodations in residence halls or apartments with other students.

  • Communicating While Abroad

    Recommendations for cell phone service and communicating home while abroad.

  • Cultural Adjustment

    This section helps you understand what intercultural adjustment is all about, how you might feel, and how to make this process a vibrant learning experience.

  • Safety Abroad

    Tips on safety and security, expectations surrounding social conduct, and information on support available to students abroad.

  • Diversity and Identity Abroad

    The Center for Global Education is committed to ensuring that study abroad is accessible to all HWS students.

  • Getting Ready to Return to Campus

    You will receive information while you’re abroad about registering for classes and housing for the next semester, as well as ways to share your study abroad experience back on campus.