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J-term 2024-25 Short-term Programs Application Deadline: March 3, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

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Santo domingo, dominican republic

Africanidad and Amnesia: Race and Identity in the Dominican Republic with Professor Colby Ristow (J-TERM 2024-2025)

Navigating the terrain of race and racial identity in the Dominican Republic is notoriously perilous. While, on the one hand, over ninety percent of the population of the DR is of African descent, only a tiny fraction identify as “Black,” preferring instead to call themselves “indio” – an homage to the island’s original inhabitants, but one that completely disregards their African heritage. This Amnesia regarding the African past is evident in the nation’s history. At the same time, the impact of the African diaspora permeates nearly every aspect of daily life and culture for Dominicans, as well as their history. And this history of Africanidad is embedded in the urban landscape, where the Black contribution to Dominican culture is omnipresent, coloring music and dance, food and its preparation, sports and how they are played, religions and worship, and even identities of the people. In this course, we explore not only the two poles of Dominican identity – Amnesia and Africanidad – but everything in between in attempt to understand race and identity in the DR in all its bewildering complexity, and in distinctly Dominican terms.




Thriving After Trauma: A Biopsychosocial Perspective of Resilience and Mindfulness with Professor Jamie Bodenlos (SUMMER 2024)

Thriving After Trauma explores trauma and the consequences of war in Croatia, a country that experienced devastating conflict in the 1990s. The course will include discussions, with residents as well as local experts, about their experiences of trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder and marginalization. Through a socio-ecological model lens, we will examine individual, relational, community and societal (political/cultural) factors that affect well-being and health in Croatia. We will meet daily for class instruction to discuss trauma and associated psychological disorders, theories on the stress-health relationship, and principles and concepts related to positive psychology. There also will be daily intentional practice of meditation, yoga, mindful eating, and mindful time in nature as a part of the program. Through reflections and small group analysis, we will work on understanding health and well-being to compare the Croatian and American cultures.

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Social Enterprise in Germany: An East-West Comparison with Professor Craig Talmage (SUMMER 2024)

Social Enterprise in Germany will provide students with an understanding of social enterprise theory and practice with a focus on critical perspectives. Social enterprise is a relatively new concept in Germany, emerging in the 1990s, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The push for understandings of social economy and social enterprise by various entities across Europe have put Germany, especially its cosmopolitan areas, in exciting positions to pursue new forms of enterprise. Germany has a strong opportunity to capitalize on the new generations of entrepreneurs focused on positive social and environmental impact. Partnering with social enterprise incubators called Impact Hubs, this course will undertake critical, applied approaches to teaching students about social enterprise with comparisons between the former east-west divide in Berlin and Germany as a whole.

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Outdoor Education: Theoretical Issues in Outdoor Pursuits with Dean Mapstone in partnership with University of Wales Trinity St. David (SUMMER 2024)

Outdoor Education will be a combination of academic theory and hands-on outdoor activities (including hiking, caving, kayaking, climbing, mine exploration, and coastering) that provide a means for examining a range of academic themes such as sustainability, conservation, changing landscapes, personal and social development, and the duality of risk versus adventure. Students will gain insight into Welsh culture and society through active participation in those activities that are thought to be quintessentially Welsh.

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These programs require a dual application process. Students will first apply and be screened through the CGE. Upon acceptance, students will then need to apply directly to the affiliate provider. Each program below has its own deadlines and application procedures.

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