The Center for Teaching and Learning understands teaching as a critical practice, driven by inquiry, experimentation, reflection, and collaboration. In pursuit of HWS’s commitment to excellence, equity, innovation, and engaged citizenship, we promote pedagogy that is inclusive, learner-centered, and evidence-based, working with partners across campus to promote critical engagement and reflection on teaching and learning.

We can support you in your teaching and scholarship in a variety of ways. We look forward to working with you!


The CTL offers a variety of events that are open to the HWS teaching and learning community.

  • MAPs (midterm assessment process)

    Get feedback on student learning ahead of your SLFF. Offered any class time/day from February 21 through Friday morning, March 18.

    Embed the MAP in your syllabus now! Contact Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu to set up your date!

  • Navigating AI Possibilities and Pitfalls

    Tuesday, May 21
    Schedule and Location TBA

    A day of discussions, workshops, and presentations on generative AI and HWS Teaching, Learning, and Occupations

  • On-Campus Spring Writing Retreat

    Wed. – Fri., May 22-24
    Adams Intercultrual Center

    RSVP Here


1-1 Consultation

CTL 1-1 consultations are available on a variety of pedagogical and pedagogy-related topics. A CTL 1-1 consultation is confidential—you may use the results of the consultation in any way you wish; the CTL staff member keeps the content confidential. To arrange a 1-1 consultation. Contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu.

Formative classroom observation

For diagnostic purposes only—confidential and informative. Contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu.


A MAP is a facilitated, small-group, consensus-based process designed to gather feedback on teaching and learning directly from students while a course is in progress. The MAP is a formative assessment method: its goal is improvement in teaching and learning, and the information is intended for your benefit and is shared only between you and the CTL staff member. You may choose to use the results for review or other performance evaluation purposes; the CTL staff must keep MAP information confidential. Contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu.

Departmental Support

The CTL offers a range of services and support for departments, including customized workshops and consultations on departmental learning outcomes and assessment.

Curricular Mapping for issues of diversity and equity, inclusion and accessibility, enriched writing curriculum, backward design, and more. Curricular mapping is the process of diagramming, visualizing, or otherwise analyzing curricula to uncover gaps, inconsistencies, or unseen barriers: departments wishing to exploit the resources of trained interlocutors who approach the discipline as outsiders can find partners and facilitators at the CTL. Contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu.

Student Learning Feedback Form support (SLFF) including support for course sections taught by multiple faculty. Contact Susan Pliner at pliner@hws.edu or Susan Hess at shess@hws.edu.

Classroom Observation Resources

Teaching Fellows

Senior Symposium – an opportunity to showcase the work of your seniors and capstone courses.

Institutes & Retreats

The CTL offers immersive opportunities for faculty across the disciplines to (re)design courses, syllabi, and assignments; examine principles of building inclusive classrooms, course, and materials; or devote time to their writing. For a list of upcoming opportunities, go here.

Writing Retreats: Writing retreats are full- or half-day opportunities to come together with colleagues for mutual support setting and accomplishing scholarly writing goals—from working through those reviewer comments to finishing that last, lingering chapter to refining those new writing assignments. Opportunities for feedback and editorial consultation included.

Faculty Learning Communities: Faculty-led or CTL-partnered faculty and instructional staff groups engaged in semester- or year-long study of a designed teaching and learning topics. CTL funds materials, provides resources, and, when desired, a partner in facilitation.

Sessions & Workshops

The CTL offers a variety of workshops for members of the HWS teaching staff. Participants may attend individual events or all of the events in a series. Registration is required.


The CTL offers resources addressing a wide range of teaching and learning topics, including inclusive teaching, writing pedagogy, and course design.

Inclusive Teaching and Learning

  • Accessibility
  • Disability Services Guide for Faculty (forthcoming)
  • Inclusive Teaching

Course Design & Teaching Methodologies

Lending Library – resources available and we are happy to suggest books for your viewing on theory, assessment, methodology, etc