Flexible Spending Accounts

This plan enables benefits-eligible employees to lower state, federal and social security taxes by paying for certain kinds of expenses with money deducted from their pay on a pretax basis. The program is comprised of three separate features:

Pretax Premium
Any employee who contributes to the cost of a Colleges' sponsored medical plan and/or the voluntary dental insurance plan will have their contribution(s) deducted from their pay on a pretax basis, tax law permitting. These deductions will be automatic and begin upon enrollment or the date an employee's contribution is required. Employees who wish to contribute on an after-tax basis must contact Human Resources at ext. 3312 to complete the necessary paperwork.

Flexible Spending Account for Medical/Dental/Vision Expenses
Up to an annual maximum of $3,200 can be contributed on a pretax basis to this account. Money contributed to this account can be used to reimburse eligible health care expenses not covered by other insurance policies provided by the Colleges. Expenses like optical care, dental care, routine physicals, plan deductible and co-payments are examples of items that may be reimbursed. Expenses which are not covered by a spouse's policy are also eligible to be covered by the account.

Flexible Spending Account for Dependent Care Expenses
Up to an annual maximum of $5,000 can be contributed on a pretax basis to this account to reimburse eligible dependent care expenses. Expenses for children (up to age 13) or for older, disabled dependents can be covered under this plan provided the dependent is claimed as a dependent for tax purposes and the expense is necessary for the employee or spouse to work.

For more information on qualified expenses, submitting claims, reviewing your FSA account and using the FSA app, please click here.

Lifetime Benefit Solutions FSA Health and Dependent Claim Form (for 2024 FSA reimbursements)

ALeraEdge FSA Health and Dependent Claim Form (for 2023 FSA reimbursements)

Met Life Supplemental Accident and Critical Illness Insurance

Accident Insurance Accidents can happen at any time, and treatment can knock a household budget off course. We make Accident Insurance payments directly to you, not your health care provider, so you can use the money however you see fit. The plan covers over 150 kinds of injuries, including fractures,1 second- and third-degree burns, skin grafts and a ruptured disc. It also covers an array of medical services2 such as emergency care and transportation.

Critical Illness Insurance Critical illnesses can happen when you least expect them—and they can be costly. Critical illness insurance helps safeguard your finances by providing you with one convenient lump-sum benefit payment upon verified diagnosis. The cash can help you focus on getting back on track. Critical conditions covered include cancer, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, major organ transplants and more.

Accident Insurance Plan Summary

Accident Insurance FAQs

Critical Illness Insurance Plan Summary

How to Register

ENI - HWS Employee Assistance Provider

HWS recognizes that faculty and staff manage professional, family, and individual concerns every day. The Colleges has identified ENI - NexGenEAP to provide integrated work/life Employee Assistance services and resources that include short-term counseling, legal and financial consultations, personal assistance, articles, videos, and personal and professional online trainings.

NexGenEAP is a fully integrated Employee Assistance Program (EAP), designed to help you balance the competing demands of work and life. Eligible faculty, staff and their family members have access to 24/7/365 confidential, short term counseling, in addition to childcare and eldercare resources.

BalancePro is a Personal Assistant Service designed to allow you to delegate your personal tasks, so that you are able to reduce stress and focus more attention on work related matters. Eligible faculty, staff, and family members are able to speak directly with a Personal Assistant or may choose to log onto a personalized web portal to initiate requests.

For more information or to download the ENI app log onto the ENI web portal.

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