August 4, 2023

Dear Students,

As the excitement builds for the start of a new academic year in Geneva, we eagerly await your return to HWS, whether you are a first-time student or returning to campus. We hope your summer was filled with amazing experiences that have re-energized you for the next step of your journey.

Based on student feedback from last Spring in surveys and meetings, as you set foot on campus in a few weeks, you will notice a series of dynamic changes (with some still underway) that are designed to enhance the student experience.  Thank you for engaging with Student Trustees, student governments and our Campus Life team as we assessed ways to build community and improve residential spaces. First floor lounges have been renovated in Hale, Bartlett, Durfee, and Hirshson now boasts a new common room and kitchen. Comstock's first floor lounge is undergoing an update, and Blackwell’s lounge has been reimagined with easier access to laundry and amenities on the first floor. Emerson, too, will feature a refreshed first floor with full kitchens on every level. As you enter Sherrill Hall, you'll be welcomed by a brand-new social lobby.

Scandling will also have a beautiful new commons, thanks to suggestions from the Hobart Student Government and William Smith Congress, who worked with us to create a more student-centered space. And Dining Services is teaming up with us to provide a wider array of options, including gluten-free pizza and additional halal choices, along with more locally sourced ingredients at Saga. The Cellar Pub is set to debut an exciting new menu (including burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and smoothies), while the Café will now offer made-to-order pizza and bring back Sushi to the Simply To Go section. The Café will also be reimagined with additional grocery and retail items, making it a one-stop-shop similar to a convenience store.

For those arriving early, you'll have the unique opportunity to witness these projects as they near completion. While we anticipate some minor inconveniences as the finishing touches occur, please bear in mind that these changes are a direct result of your valuable feedback and are geared towards enhancing your overall experience on campus. We are making the final pushes over the next few weeks, and everything will be ready for the Fall semester's exciting start.

We are looking forward to your return!

Warmest regards,

Becca B. Barile
Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students