Completing a degree with leadership distinction will ensure students develop:

  • Global Perspectives
  • Adaptability and Resilience
  • Ethical Leadership
  • Personal Growth
  • Competitive Advantage

Through experiential learning, mentorship, and interdisciplinary coursework within your chosen field of study, you will acquire insights, perspectives and experiences that will support you along your personal and professional journey at HWS and beyond.

Students complete milestones within three categories: Foundation, Action, and Reflection. These milestones are embedded within the context of your chosen degree.


  • Leadership Theory: Learn the fundamentals of leadership with our comprehensive theory course. Build a strong foundation as you delve into the intricacies of leadership dynamics, strategies, and ethical considerations.
  • Values & Philosophy: Define a personal leadership identity by exploring your core values, beliefs, and ethical principles that shape your leadership approach and emerge with an articulated leadership philosophy.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice: Examine the theoretical underpinnings of DEI and justice, gaining an understanding of systemic inequalities and the impact of bias on individuals and groups, and develop strategies to create inclusive environments, address disparities, and promote equitable opportunities. This component empowers students to lead with cultural competence, empathy, and a commitment to dismantling barriers, fostering social cohesion, and advancing justice within their leadership roles.
  • Ethics: Ethical decision-making, understanding the complexities of ethical dilemmas and developing the ability to navigate moral challenges, promote integrity, and foster a culture of ethical responsibility are essential for effective leaders.


  • Public Speaking: Effective leaders are exceptional communicators. Elevate your oratory skills with our dedicated public speaking course.
  • Leadership Role: Put theory into practice with hands-on leadership development. This experiential component bridges the gap between theory and application, ensuring you are prepared to lead in any situation. Immerse yourself in a leadership fieldwork experience or conduct insightful research.


  • Portfolio: Your journey culminates with a digital portfolio that highlights your evolution as a leader. Reflect on your experiences, chart your progress, and present your achievements, which will serve as a testament to your growth but also a powerful tool for future endeavors.
  • Presentation: Elevate your leadership knowledge by sharing your portfolio with the broader community during the Leadership Distinction Forum.

Current majors working with the Centennial Center to launch the Leadership Distinction Program include:

Students who fulfill the program requirements earn a leadership designation on their degree and develop a thorough comprehension of proficient leadership within their selected field of study.

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