Software on Office and Lab Computers

Software on Office and Lab Computers
Feature windows PC Lab and Classroom windows PC Staff/Faculty apple Mac Public/Lab and Classroom apple Mac Staff/Faculty
Operating System:
  Windows Operating System Windows Operating System OSX OSX
  Adobe Acrobat Adobe Acrobat Adobe Creative Cloud (advanced) Adobe Creative Cloud (standard)
  Adobe Photoshop
Other tools within the Adobe Creative Suite available upon request. Submit requests via the Help Desk.
Adobe Reader ChemDraw Garage Band
  Adobe Reader Microsoft Media Player Garage Band iMovie
  Audacity Microsoft Office Suite Google Earth iTunes
  Convert Microsoft Silverlight iMovie Keynote
  Google Earth Skype iTunes Microsoft Office Suite
  IBM SPSS Statistics Video LAN Keynote Numbers
  IZArc Maple Pages
  Maple Mathematica Photos
  Mathematica MATLAB QuickTime Player
  MestReNova Microsoft Office Suite Text Wrangler
  Microsoft Media Player Numbers VLC
  Microsoft Office Suite OIV
  Microsoft Silverlight Pages
  Movie Maker Photos
  R QuickTime Player
  R Studio R
  SAS R Studio
  Sassafras Sketch Up
  Sketch Up SPSS
  Skype Stellarium
  Splashtop-classroom use Tex
  SuperLab Text Wrangler
  Video LAN- VLC VLC
Internet Browser:
  Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
  Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Safari Safari
  Google Chrome Google Chrome Google Chrome Google Chrome

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