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Finding the Spotlight, Roberts '24 Reflects on First Year at HWS

Eliyah RobertsIn her first year at the Colleges, Eliyah Roberts '24 made her mark on the HWS Theatre stage, performing in all three productions. As she hones her craft, she is…
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Ready to Change the World, Brown '24 Reflects on First Year at HWS

Brown Samari 1Rising sophomore Samari Brown '24 looks back at her first year at the Colleges, including how she found her passion for theatre. Brown wrote for and performed in the fall…
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Fact or Truth? History-Based Playwriting: A talk by Syracuse Stage Associate Artistic Director Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass PhotoJoin HWS Theatre for a talk by playwright, screenwriter and dramaturg Kyle Bass on creating history-based theatre.  HWS Theatre, in collaboration with the Summer Research Fellowship Program, will host a…
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Inclusive Theatre and Accessibility Design

Abelson Claire and Ritter Sophie Portraits AFarid 0001Master's of Teaching students Claire Abelson '20, MAT '21 and Sophie Ritter '20, MAT '21 focus on inclusive theatre. The Colleges' first video streaming production Tone a Blind Eye was…
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HWS Theatre Creates Video Production Tone a Blind Eye

Tone a Blind Eye“What struck me about Hansel and Gretel is the narrative about the parents leaving the children because they can't afford to feed them, which Ed Hallborg brought to my attention was something that happened with regularity during the European Famine,” May says. To write Tone a Blind Eye, students grappled with topics surrounding poverty and trauma, including how hunger is weaponized against people, and the true meaning of happily ever after in a story about abandonment and famine.
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2020-2021 Season

The Vaudeville Variety Traveling Show, October 2020, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Chris Hatch

Supernatural Saunter: The Spirit(s) of William Smith, February 2021, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Chris Woodworth

Tone a Blind Eye, April 2021, directed by Associate Professor of Theatre Heather May

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