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Old Clothes on Young Bodies

Minyonok Yelena 2Philologist and folklorist Yelena Minyonok Ph.D. will present a talk, “Old Clothes on Young Bodies: Dynamics of Russian Folk Traditions in Modern Rural and Urban Contexts,” on Thursday, Oct. 4…
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MacArthur “Genius” Soll Discusses History of Capitalism

Jacob Soll, professor of history and accounting at the University of Southern California, speaks about colbertism, commercial culture, and the origins of modern capitalism during a lecture in the Geneva Room.Jacob Soll, professor of history and accounting at the University of Southern California, explored the historical thinkers, philosophies and practices that inform contemporary capitalism in a public talk on Thursday,…
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Endowed Professor Spotlight: Clifton Hood

“It’s 2212, and I’m marking my 220th year as a member of the faculty. It’s been a little strange teaching the great-great-great-great grandchildren of my original students, but who knew that my penchant for asparagus and peanut butter sandwiches held the key to long life? If only I’d patented the idea. HWS was reaching a new level around the time of my 20th anniversary, but the big turning point came when we hired Lulu Googler as president and she put her family money to work for us. It was coup enough when she bought Oxford and Cambridge at that remainder sale, but to be the first college with a term abroad on Mars – I still have a hard time believing we pulled that off!”Clifton Hood, the George E. Paulsen ’49 Professor of American History and Government, is a nationally recognized expert on the history of New York City, with a particular focus on the…
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Smith Opera House Research

Smith Opera House-00014This summer, Margaret “Gretty” Hollister ’20, Austin Jennings ’19 and Associate Professor of Theatre Chris Woodworth are investigating the history of downtown Geneva’s Smith Opera House. In Hollister and Jennings’…
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Hubbs, Class of 1917, Remembered in Finger Lakes Times

HubbsAs a part of the Finger Lakes Times’ “Looking Back” series, curator of the Geneva Historical Society and HWS adjunct instructor of History John Marks profiled the life of Dr.…
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