Study Abroad

While the Center for Global Education offers abroad programs on six continents, history majors frequently choose to study in Vietnam, Ireland, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

Recommended Programs

Hanoi, Vietnam

The HWS program in Hanoi enables students to explore an ancient Asian civilization which is undergoing a dramatic process of transition and modernization. Students will begin intensive Vietnamese language instruction through VLS (Vietnamese Language Studies) in Ho Chi Minh City upon their arrival in Vietnam, continuing under the direction of faculty from VLS in Hanoi. An internship or independent study project is required.

Galway, Ireland

The Colleges maintain an affiliation with the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) to provide students with the opportunity to live and study among Irish students at an Irish university. Participants in the program are also encouraged to join one of the many university clubs and organizations in order to directly experience Irish student life and culture. Community service options are available and provide a unique opportunity for students to gain access to the local community.

South Africa

As part of the South Africa program, students reside and attend classes at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN), located in the suburban neighborhood of Scottsville, about a 20-minute walk from city center. Students interested in service-learning can readily find opportunities to work alongside South African peers to assist local community-based organizations.

Prague, Czech Republic

This program is based at Charles University, the oldest university in Central Europe, founded in 1348. Charles University has a student population of over 40,000 Czech and European students at both graduate and undergraduate levels. The program through HWS is delivered by the Undergraduate Program in Central European Studies (UPCES), which is affiliated with Charles University's Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education. UPCES encourages its students to spend the semester in Prague immersing themselves in Czech life and culture.