Honors Projects

Some History majors choose to complete an Honors project on a topic of their interest. Most or all of the work associated with an Honors project is done in the senior year, though it may be begun earlier, and culminates in a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts. Others choose to enroll in an independent study course for a semester, which requires them to actively engage in a research project.

Here is a recent sampling of projects completed by History Majors:

Walker Anderson ’21: An Examination of the Role of Clergy Spouses in Two Churches in the Finger Lakes
Janette Gayle, Adviser

Brandon Bistodeau '19: The Naturalization of Profit Maximizing Capitalism
Matthew Kadane, Adviser

William MacEachern '19: Unobtrusive Means: An Examination of How Woman Engaged Politically as a Result of the Revolutionary War
Laura Free, Adviser

William Cost '18: A Glorious Martyrdom: Elijah Lovejoy and the Evangelical Mind
Matt Crow, Adviser

Thomas Campion '17: The Generational Constitution: Jacksonianism, Cooperheadism, and Constitutional Change
Matt Crow, Adviser

William Conard-Malley '17: Reefers and Reformers: Sailors and the Social Reform Movement, 1820-1860
Matt Crow, Adviser

Kevin Teel '17: Liberal or Republican: Hamilton and American Identity
Matt Crow, Adviser

History Department Awards

ROBERT A. HUFF PRIZE: Awarded in honor of Professor of History Emeritus Robert A. Huff to the senior history major who has the best academic record in history. 2021-2022 recipient: Dylan DeNault '22

MARVIN BRAM PRIZE FOR CIVIC MINDEDNESS: Awarded in honor of Professor of History Emeritus Marvin Bram to the senior history major who demonstrates the greatest civic mindedness through history. 2021-2022 Recipient: Charlotte Peterson '22

HISTORY FACULTY AWARD: Presented to the first-year or sophomore student who has the best academic record in history. 2021-2022 Recipient: Elizabeth Nafz '24 

The John Rothrock Memorial Prize: Established in memory of Colonel John E. Rothrock USAF, Ret. 64 by Mary Lu Greenwood. The prize is awarded to either a Hobart or William Smith senior who through their knowledge and understanding of history, exhibits the potential to creatively make a positive change in the future. 2021-2022 Recipient: Saige Arseneault '22