The form for requesting student employees requires a significant amount of information, and some of the terms may be confusing. Below, the Office of Human Resources has defined several of the terms used in the form to ease any confusion.

Position title

Keep this short and avoid titles or terms that are gender specific.

Department, Location and Budget Information

The department defines where the student will be employed (i.e., Hobart Athletics) and what account number the job will be charged to. Location defines where the job duties will actually be performed (i.e., Sport & Rec Center).

Job Supervisor– Name, Title, Office Building, Phone, Fax, Email

The Job Supervisor is the person to whom the student employee reports to and receives performance evaluations from. You must provide all contact information (title, office building, phone, fax and e-mail) for the supervisor.

Other Timesheet Designee(s)

The person(s) who is/are authorized by the student’s supervisor to approve and sign timesheets in the absence of the supervisor.


Summary Statement of the Job

Create a summary statement of the main tasks of the job or expected outcomes in a few sentences.

  1. Job Responsibilities - Give a detailed description of the tasks, outcomes
  • List major tasks/duties performed in the job.
  • Avoid detailed lists of specific job procedures. Instead, describe the functions, responsibilities and activities performed.
  • List tasks/duties in descending order of performance, i.e. the most important ones first.
  • Describe whether the position requires the person in the role to function independently, exercise initiative, comply with guidelines or policies or perform limited tasks that are closely monitored by others.
  • Use verbs such as: plans, develops, supervises, directs, recommends, operates, sets up etc., to describe functions and activities.
  • Note any working relationships
  • Note the relationships between the job holder and other employees, alumni/ae, customers or suppliers.
  • Describe the nature of communication and contact with these people/groups.
  • Note any relevant working conditions
  • Describe the physical demands of the job, where relevant.  For example, any lifting requirements, safety equipment to be used, etc.
  • Note any travel requirements
  • Indicate days of work and schedule of daily working hours (i.e., 1 pm to 4 pm)
  • Special Skills Needed
  • List the “how to” abilities needed for the major functions of the job such as:
  • monitor and/or operate specific equipment
  • a certain knowledge level on software in order to create, manipulate and utilize spreadsheet and/or word processing programs.  If there is knowledge of certain software required, please specify software.
  • customer service skills
  • valid driver’s license – must be able to pass the Colleges’ driving test and instruction
  • ability to lift certain # of pounds
  • proper phone etiquette

Above all, it is important that supervisors KEEP JOB DESCRIPTIONS UP-TO-DATE! You should review job descriptions at every opportunity- new appointment, performance review and salary/wage review.