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What is HWS EMS?

Operating since August 2008, the Hobart and William Smith Colleges Emergency Medical Service (HWS EMS) has been dedicated to delivering prompt and professional first-response emergency medical assistance to the Hobart and William Smith Colleges community. Our service is founded on a commitment of compassion, professionalism, and service to the Colleges. We operate as a BLS FRS (Basic Life Support First Response Service), meaning all of our members are New York state-certified EMT-Bs, however, we do not transport our patients to the hospital. When dispatched by Campus Safety, our team is always available and ready to respond to on-campus calls using our first response vehicle.

Who is HWS EMS?

EMS students

HWS EMS is a student organization, so all of our leadership are also students, and they manage everything from the day-to-day operations to multiyear projects. Students apply and join as first-years or sophomores, take the EMT course spring semester, and begin working with us at the beginning of the following school year. We also have members who received EMT certification (in NY or otherwise) before arriving at HWS.

How can I get involved?

Every fall, HWS EMS accepts applications from interested students, regardless of whether they have an NY EMT-B certification or not. If accepted, new members will be enrolled in a NY EMT-B course at Finger Lakes Community College during the Spring semester. The class is paid for by HWS, and HWS EMS current members will work closely with the EMT students to ensure that they are comfortable with practical skills and up to speed on general knowledge. At the end of the course, the new members will have to pass a written exam and practical skill test in order to obtain their certification. There is also an option to also take the NREMT exam, which would allow students not native to NY, to transfer their certificate to their home state. Completion of the course will grant a free commuter parking pass, a stipend for half of the Pulteney meal plan, and a full credit for their transcript. Students who have obtained certification on their own before enrolling at HWS are also welcome to apply and will go through an expedited application process.



The best way to reach us for non-emergencies is through email: EMS@hws.edu. The Office of Campus Safety can be reached at: 315-781-3656. You can address any mail to:

300 Pulteney St.
Geneva, NY 14456


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