Emergency phone
On campus: 3333
Off campus: 911

Non-Emergency Phone
(315) 781-3656
(315) 781-3657

Campus Safety is located off Pulteney Street in the Campus Services building in the northeast corner of the Medbery parking lot. Campus Safety is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year.


The Colleges have a series of outdoor emergency telephones that are marked by blue lights. The blue light phones are located throughout the campus along commonly used routes. Pushing the button on an emergency phone connects you to Campus Safety.

Campus Safety can immediately dispatch a uniformed officer to any blue light phone. A visual readout will also confirm the location of the phone being used. Additionally, all emergency telephone calls are recorded for immediate playback or for use at a later date.

Most residence halls have telephones enclosed in weatherproof boxes mounted outside their entrances. These phones can be used by visitors to contact their host for admittance to the building. They also function as additional emergency phone locations to summon assistance by dialing the Campus Safety Office.

Campus Safety publishes Paths of Light, a brochure that offers a map of safe routes and the location of the blue light emergency phones. The brochure is available at the Office of Campus Safety.

Blue light phones are checked for proper operation once each day by Campus Safety officers. Any damage or malfunction is reported to telecommunications for prompt repair or replacement.


Blue light phones that are out of order will appear in red.

Map of Blue Light Phones (PDF)

You can find blue light phones at the following locations on campus:

  • The sidewalk from the Field House to McCormick House.
  • The entrance to the O’Dell’s south parking lot.
  • O’Dell’s south parking lot.
  • The pathway from O’Dell’s Village to the Barn.
  • The Barn parking lot entrance.
  • The sidewalk from Emerson Hall to Bristol gym.
  • The sidewalk from Comstock Hall to Winn-Seeley gym.
  • The entrance of Hubbs Health Center.
  • Medbery Hall.
  • The entrance to the Jackson parking lot.
  • The Elliott Art Center.
  • The King’s Lane roadway.
  • The Sherrill Hall sidewalk.
  • The walkway between Coxe Hall and Hale, Bartlett and Durfee Halls.
  • Scandling Parking lot.
  • Winn Seeley Drive.
  • South east side of Boswell field.
  • South west side of Boswell field.
  • Smith Hall sidewalk leading to Pulteney St.

Additional emergency call boxes are located at:

  • The entrance foyer of Sherrill Hall.
  • The entrance of Rees Hall.
  • The entrance of Potter Hall.
  • The entrance of Jackson Hall.
  • The front entrance of Blackwell House.
  • The front entrance of Miller House.
  • The front entrance of Comstock House.
  • The front entrance of Hirshson Hall.
  • The front entrance of Geneva Hall.
  • The front entrance of McCormick House.
  • The west entrance of Rees Hall.
  • The front entrance of 380 South Main St.
  • The front entrance of 775 South Main St.
  • The front entrance of Hale Hall.
  • The front entrance of Bartlett Hall.
  • The front entrance of Durfee Hall.
  • The 2nd floor of Lansing Hall
  • The front entrance of Emerson Hall.