Accounts Payable

How do I contact the Accounts Payable Office?
Contact Jaime Richardson at (315) 781-3454 or

How do I get a cash advance to travel for the Colleges?
Submit a “Request for Payment” form to Accounts Payable for a travel advance. Upon return from the trip submit a “Travel Expense Report” with receipts for all expenses incurred on the trip. The travel report must be submitted within 14 days after your return. If you have spent more than the advance amount, a reimbursement check will be issued to you. If you have spent less than the travel advance amount, you are required to return the excess cash to the Cashier in the Business Office.

How do I get reimbursed for something I bought?
Submit a receipt or proof of payment (i.e. credit card statement, cancelled check or physical receipt) with a “Request for Payment” form, with the appropriate department account number and department head approval.

When can I get a check?
Checks are issued once a week. Your request for payment must be submitted to the Business Office by Friday at 12 pm in order to receive a check in two weeks.

How do I pay a speaker?
Submit a “Request for Payment” form with supporting documentation. Include on the form the individual’s name, home address. In addition, a Form W-9 must be completed by the individual and attached to the form.

How do I pay an individual from a foreign country?
It is necessary to call the Business Office prior to making a financial commitment to a foreign speaker/lecturer etc. as there are various tax rules that apply to this type of payment.

What is a Form W-9?
A Form W-9 is a “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification”. It is a federal form that the Colleges are obligated to obtain when making payments to an entity that is not a corporation.

Where do I get a Form W-9?
On the Business Office Forms webpage.

Where do I get a Request for Payment form?
On the Business Office Forms webpage.

General Accounting

What is my Department or Program number?
A list of Department numbers can be found here.

A list of Operating Program numbers can be found here.

A list of Non-operating Program numbers can be found here.

What Account number do I use for a particular charge?
A list of Account numbers can be found here.

What do I do if I have questions about a charge in my Department or Program?
Email and a member of the Business Office can investigate the charge for you.

Who do I contact if I have a question about accounting for my grant?
Contact Clayton Dow at or (315) 781-3137.

How do I fix an error (incorrect charge) in my departmental budget?
Complete a Journal Entry Form to charge (debit) the correct account and relieve (credit) the incorrect account. Email the completed form to

How much money is available in my departmental account?
If you have any trouble with navigating to your budget in PeopleSoft or have any questions, please email or call Claudette Killian or Tracy Strutz.

What is the accounting fiscal year period?
The accounting fiscal year begins June 1 and ends the following May 31.

Where can I get a copy of the Colleges audited financial statements or IRS Form 990?
An electronic copy of the statements can be obtained by contacting the business office.

Who do I contact for general accounting questions?


How do I contact the Payroll Office?
Contact payroll at

How often do we get paid?
The Colleges pay on a biweekly basis. In most cases, this is two times a month. Twice a year however there are three pay periods in a month.

How do I have my paycheck directly deposited to a bank account?
A direct deposit form needs to be completed in the Office of Human Resources. A check marked “void” needs to accompany the direct deposit form.

What if I change the bank account where my paycheck is directly deposited?
Before you change your bank account, it is very important to go to the Office of Human Resources and complete a new direct deposit form.

As a student employee how do I get paid?
A student employee timesheet must be handed in to the Office of Human Resources each payday by 5 p.m. for you to be paid the following payday. The student employee timesheet must be completed in its entirety including both the student employee and supervisor signature.

Where do I bring my student employee timesheet?
Student timesheets need to be brought to the Office of Human Resources in Gulick Hall.


Who do I contact for purchasing questions?
Please email or contact Claudette Killian at 315-781-3792 or Jaime Richardson at 315-781-2290.

What is the purchasing process at the Colleges?
Purchasing goods and services is accomplished through PeopleSoft’s eProcurement module. The process begins when an individual on campus creates a purchase requisition. A series of electronic approvals may be required and ultimately a purchase order is created to be sent to the vendor. Detailed instructions for PeopleSoft eProcurement are available here.

When do I specifically need a purchase order?
A purchase order is a legal document between the Colleges and the vendor. A purchase order will be created when the purchase requisition process through PeopleSoft eProcurement and is required to physically purchase goods or services.

How do I purchase on the Web?
Obtain a Colleges’ purchase order number prior to ordering goods. See previous question on the purchasing process for information on the creation of a purchase order. Some online vendors will accept the purchase order and invoice the Colleges accordingly. Other vendors may require immediate payment at time of purchase, which would require a credit card.

Student Accounts

How do I contact the Student Accounts Office?
By phone: (315) 781-3343
By email:
Visit the Student Accounts webpage

Is there a tuition payment plan available?
Pay monthly by enrolling in a Tuition Payment Plan administered by Nelnet. No interest is charged on the unpaid balance, but a $25 enrollment contract fee is required per term. Questions on account or payment plan set up? Click here or call (800) 609-8056.

Do not include work study in the calculation for a payment plan or parent loan. (Work study is not credited as a payment to the student account; your student will receive a paycheck instead.)

When are tuition payments due?
The bill for the fall semester is available online July 1 and the payment is due August 1. The bill for the spring semester is available online December 1 and the payment is due January 5.

Where do I get verification of enrollment?
Contact the Registrar’s Office at (315) 781-3651.

Where do I send my tuition payment?
If you would like to mail in a payment, please address envelope to: Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Dept # 116060, P.O. Box 5211, Binghamton, NY 13902-5211. Be sure to include the student ID number on the check.

Online payments are the fastest way for us to receive your payment via your checking or savings account. Please see the online instructions on our webpage.

OTher Business Office Services

Where can I locally cash a check from the Colleges?
All Colleges' checks can be cashed with proper identification at Five Star Bank branches. Visit the bank's website for banking locations.