25 June 2020 • STEM Honors Students Demonstrate Academic Rigor

Twenty-eight students in the Classes of 2020 have graduated with Honors, demonstrating academic rigor and excellence in written and oral communication. Their research topics ranged from United States foreign policy and energy production in remote areas, to the study of anti-cancer drugs and more.

To complete an Honors project at the Colleges, students embark on a full academic year of study under the guidance of an academic adviser. Honors projects culminate in a substantial research paper or a counterpart in the creative arts. Students also complete a written and oral examination presented by an expert scholar from the Colleges’ faculty and an outside examiner.

“On behalf of the faculty and staff involved with the Honors program, we applaud the students for their perseverance, passion and ingenuity in earning Honors for their academic accomplishments. This distinction is a source of considerable pride for the Colleges,” says Chair of the Honors Committee and Professor of Biology Kristy Kenyon.

Perseverance, passion and ingenuity


This year’s graduates conducted Honors projects in anthropology, biology, classics, chemistry, comparative literature and Russian Area Studies, economics, English, geoscience, international relations, media and society, music, physics, psychology, religious studies, sociology, studio art, theatre and women’s studies.

Honors theses are cataloged and kept for reference in the Warren Hunting Smith Library.