29 April 2020 Fowle '19 Accepted to Georgetown University Grad School

Beginning in the fall, Adelaide Fowle ’19 will continue her post-graduate career in the Health and the Public Interest Program at Georgetown University. The one-year master’s program at Georgetown provides training for public health advocates who examine the influences on policy through societal, psychological and cultural factors.

“Coming from a liberal arts background, I was drawn to the interdisciplinary approach to health policy that the HAPI program provides,” Fowle says. “It allows students to take classes across a wide range of fields, including courses at Georgetown’s school of law and school of public policy.”

A magna cum laude graduate in philosophy with a women’s studies and public policy double minor, Fowle was inspired to pursue health policy after taking the “Politics of Reproduction” course with Professor of Sociology Renee Monson and Professor of Biology Kristy Kenyon. Since then, she has focused her studies on healthcare, women’s health, reproductive justice and sexual violence prevention through public policy and philosophy courses.

With her advisor, Associate Professor of Philosophy Karen Frost-Arnold, Fowle pursued an Honors project on epistemic injustice within the American healthcare system. Using courses taken with Associate Professors of Philosophy Karen and Greg Frost-Arnold, Fowle applied “a philosophical analysis to real-world health issues.”

At HWS, Fowle worked as a philosophy teaching fellow, played on the William Smith club soccer team, served on the Title IX Coordinating Committee and was a student intern at Safe Harbors of the Finger Lakes. Looking ahead, she hopes to work for a non-profit or in government, as an advocate for healthcare reform and reproductive freedom.