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HWS Votes is a non-partisan group of student leaders devoted to voter registration and the continuous education of the Hobart and William Smith and Geneva communities. We instill a sense of civic duty in all citizens through active participation in the democratic process.

Through the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, HWS Votes works with politically-oriented groups on campus, from the College Republicans and the College Democrats to Americans for Informed Democracy and the Progressive Student Union, to maximize student participation and understanding of the electoral process.

HWS Votes began during the 2004 presidential election and was coordinated by Ave Bauder '81, the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning and The Joseph P. DiGangi Endowed Chair in the Social Sciences, Coordinator and Professor of Public Policy Studies and Professor of Political Science Craig Rimmerman under the direction of Jane Erickson '07.

Since 2012, HWS Votes has helped well over 2365 students, faculty, staff, and Geneva community members register to vote, request absentee ballots, and receive election reminders. In 2016, the HWS campus also received the distinction from TurboVotes of having the top percentage of students enrolled using the service with 960 users, or 43%. We are now partnering with All In Democracy Challenge to support our voter registration methods.

Mission Statement

HWS Votes is a nonpartisan organization that is committed to voter education and registration. It serves the HWS community by fostering civic duty. We are a consistent, credible, and sustainable group.

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Congress to Campus – Former Members of Congress Initiative

HWS Votes has proudly partnered with Congress to Campus to host Former Members of Congress and connect them with non-partisan voter engagement and honest and open politically focused dialogue.

2023 - President's Forum Bridges the Political Aisle and President's Forum: Congressman Faso and U.S. Secretary Glickman

2020 - HWS Votes Brings Congress to Campus

2018 - Congressional Representatives Visit Campus

Register to Vote

Voting in the 2022 Midterms? Register here!
Need an absentee ballot? Request one here!

Registering to vote here in Geneva? You’ll need your primary residential address (the address of your residence hall) – see the list below to register using this address, remember your mailing address will be your Scandling P.O. Box.

Hall Hall Address
113 Hamilton 113 Hamilton Street
123 Hamilton 123 Hamilton Street
133 St. Clair 133 Saint Clair Street
402 Pulteney 402 Pulteney Street
408 Pulteney 408 Pulteney Street
412 Pulteney 412 Pulteney Street
583 S. Main 583 S. Main Street
615 S. Main 615 S. Main Street
639 S. Main 639 S. Main Stret
704 S. Main 704 S. Main Street
730 S. Main 704 S. Main Street
737 S. Main 737 S. Main Street
746 S. Main 746 S. Main Street
99 St. Clair 99 St. Clair Street
Abbe Center 764 S. Main Street
Bampton House 720 S. Main Street
Bartlett 353 Pulteney St.
Beta Sigma 756 S. Main Street
Blackwell 42 St. Clair Street
Caird 183 Hamilton Street
Chi Phi (Frat) 573 S. Main Street
Comstock 41 St. Clair Street
DeCordova 189 Hamilton Street
Delta Chi (Frat) 574 S. Main Street
Durfee 355 Pulteney Street
Emerson 185 Hamilton Street
Farm House 169 St. Clair Street
Geneva 648 S. Main Street
Hale 351 Pulteney Street
Hillcrest House 159 St. Clair Street
Hirshson 44 St. Clair Street
Jackson 425 Pulteney Street
Kappa Alpha (Frat) 600 S. Main Street
Kappa Sigma (Frat) 584 S. Main Street
McCormick 183 Hamilton Street
McDaniels 645 S. Main Street
Medbery 315 Pulteney Street
Miller 43 St. Clair Street
Odells 218 St. Clair Street
Potter 445 Pulteney Street
Rees 435 Pulteney Street
Shepard 141 St. Clair Street
Sherrill 51 St. Clair Street
Sill House 710 S. Main Street
Stewardson 780 S. Main Street
Trowbridge 129 St. Clair Street
Zappler 577 S. Main Street

*Keep in mind if you choose to vote in Geneva and move residence halls next year, you will need to update your information with the Board of Elections each year you move.


For more information about HWS Votes or to get involved, e-mail vote@hws.edu.
Follow us on Instagram @HWSVotes
View the HWS Votes organization page on HWS Engage.

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Download a registration form or learn more about registering in your state online at:


Learn more about the issues and the candidates running in various local, state and national races online at: