Postgraduate Gap Year Service Opportunities

"Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good,"  Minor Myers, Jr.

There are many ways to engage or serve communities domestically and globally after graduation. Often, recent graduates will take a "Gap Year" (or two!) to explore these opportunities.

What is a gap year and why is it beneficial to take?
A gap year is a period of time where students are able to take a break from formal education in order to travel, study, pursue internships, take time to apply to graduate schools, and best of all volunteer for organizations that make a positive impact on the world. By taking a gap year students are able to strengthen graduate school applications, gain confidence and independence, and positively affect fellow human beings around the world through service and civic engagement.  Please note that some programs last for less than a year, including AmeriCorps summer programs.  Equally important to note, HWS is one of only 100 institutions that (partially) matches the AmeriCorps Education Award. 

Domestic Options

International Options

Pre-college Gap Year Service Opportunities

Below are links to institutions of higher education where "gap year" resources are compiled:

Long popular in places like the United Kingdom and Australia, gap years have gained traction in America in recent years. So what is a gap year? These experiential breaks allow students to take time off between high school and college to broaden their worldviews, learn new skills, build lifelong memories, and refocus on the next chapter of their academic career. This guide delves into the questions surrounding how, when and why to take a gap year and provides expert advice for those considering this option.

Service Year

Notre Dame University

  • Description of the various volunteer Organizations, mission statements, and the link to the application
  • Provides a variety of media sources to gain information pertaining to the program. (including letters, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, pictures, and electronic brochures