3 January 2023 Podcast’s Success Soars Internationally

In 2022, listenership for the Entrepreneurial Endeavors podcast took off. A recent episode featured director and producer Brad Falchuk '93, L.H.D.'14.   

Matt Nusom ’23 and Seamus Galvin ’23 began producing the podcast “Entrepreneurial Endeavors” in September of 2021. Supported by the Entrepreneurial Studies Department, the podcast has since released 19 episodes featuring alum entrepreneurs.     

After a year, the podcast has reached listeners in 19 countries. Nusom, a dynamic and engaging host, has interviewed alum founders and business directors, who have demonstrated leadership at nonprofit organizations, learning platforms, innovative software groups and breweries. What they all have in common is their starting place at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

Recently, director and producer Brad Falchuk ’93, L.H.D.'14 joined the podcast for a discussion on creativity and failure. Nusom interviewed Falchuk in person in Bartlett Theatre. Falchuk was on campus meeting students interested in pursuing careers in writing, directing, acting and other creative work in Hollywood.  

In the episode, Falchuk describes how HWS sparked his passion for creative writing and storytelling. He learned what his true interests were while he was a student on campus, particularly with the support of Professor of Theatre Robert Gross, who taught “without judgement… he was just looking to teach people.”

For Falchuk, finding comfort in discomfort is an important part of the collegiate experience. “Knowing you’re not ready for it, knowing you’re confused, means that something interesting is percolating,” he tells Nusom. 

Listen and subscribe to Entrepreneurial Endeavors here.  

To date, guests of the podcast have included:

  • Philip Anderson ’10, Founder and CEO of Dialog
  • Michael Barlow ’11, Cofounder of Fernish
  • Ato Bentsi-Enchill ’17, Partner at Black Adam Africa
  • Thomas Bozzuto ’68, L.H.D. ’18, Chairman and Cofounder of The Bozzuto Group
  • Jim Cecere ’91, Founder and Owner of FLX Goods and Vinifera
  • Dan M. De Nose ’10, Founder and Executive Director of Leaders of the 21st Century
  • Brad Falchuk ’93, Director and Producer
  • Todd Feldman ’89, Founder of The Feldman Co.
  • Jacob Fox ’16, Entrepreneur and Farmer
  • Ben Greiner ’18, Founder and CEO of TadHealth
  • Sabrina Horn ’83, CEO of Horn Strategy, LLC and Professor at Emerson College
  • Heather Ouida ’95, Cofounder and Senior Strategist of the gameHERs
  • Mattie Mead ’13, Cofounder of Hempitecture
  • Victor Pultinas ’08, Founder and Owner of Lake Drum Brewery
  • Dan Rosensweig ’83, President and CEO of Chegg
  • Sam Solomon ’17, Owner of Spotted Duck Creamery
  • Cory Turner ’08, Cofounder of Dogly
  • Sara Wroblewski ’09, CEO and Founder of One Bead
  • Amy Ziff ’92, Founder, President and Executive Director at Made Safe & Nontoxic Certified