19 March 2021 • Alums Emmy Winning Producer Kunin '09 Profiled by Reel 360

Sarah Kunin ’09, a three-time Emmy and Edward R. Murrow Award-winning television producer, is featured in Reel 360’s Women’s History Month series spotlighting leaders in news and entertainment.

“I always knew I wanted to work in television, but it wasn’t until I went on a college field trip to ABC that I experienced the true adrenaline rush of a live television environment,” recalls Sarah Kunin ’09. “I was thrilled by the pace of the control room, the energy of production teams and the front row seat to some of the most important stories of our time.”

In a March 1 interview and profile with the media website Reel 360, Kunin discusses her decade-plus experience as a producer at ABC News, as well as inclusion in the industry and what motivates her.

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Kunin has worked closely with top celebrities, athletes, chefs and newsmakers to deliver compelling content to millions of viewers across the country. At ABC News, she produced hundreds of exclusive and competitive interviews for nearly every ABC News platform, including Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, 2020, ABC News Live and the primetime specials unit. She was also Michael Strahan’s anchor producer at ABC News for five years, during which she hosted groups of HWS students as part of the “Behind the Scenes NYC” career exploration program.

Recently, Kunin teamed up with Riverside Entertainment to sell her first show idea to a major streaming network. She is currently the show-runner and executive producer of the upcoming series, and is also developing a number of unscripted projects while continuing to work as an independent senior producer and media consultant.

A media and society major and Spanish minor at HWS, Kunin studied abroad in Madrid, was named to the Dean’s List and served as the news and sports commentator for WEOS-FM.

She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Luke, an active duty Air Force major, and their dog Bruce.