The HWS curriculum is designed to give you the flexibility to pursue your passions and interests while also gaining a robust foundation essential for helping you prepare for the future. You will find the study of sex, sexuality and gender woven throughout the Colleges' interdisciplinary curriculum. In addition to a Women's Studies program, HWS was the first college in the country to offer a program in LGBT Studies.

Courses of interest

AMST 201 American Attitudes Toward Nature/Methodologies of American Studies
AMST 254 American Masculinities
AMST 310 Sexual Minorities in America
ANTH 110 Intro to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 209 Gender in Prehistory
ANTH 220 Sex Roles: A Cross Cultural Perspective
ANTH 230 Beyond Monogamy
ANTH 296 African Cultures
ANTH 319 Feminist and Political Anthropology
ANTH 341 Making Babies: Anthropology of Reproductive Technologies
ARTH 205 Gender & Display
ARTH 210 Woman as Image-Maker
ARTH 211 Women and the Visual Arts in 19th Century Europe
ARTH 211 Women in 19th Century Art and Culture
ARTH 221 Early Italian Renaissance Painting
ARTH 230 The Age of Michelangelo
ARTH 241 Live Art: Performance & Installation Art
ARTH 303/403 Gender and Painting in China
ARTH 305/405 Renaissance Women and Men
ARTH 306/406 Telling Tales: Narrative in Asian Art
ARTH 315/415 Art and the Senses: High Renaissance Art and Architecture in Venice in 15th and 16th Century
ARTH 335 Femme Fatale in Film
ASN 212 Women in Contemporary Chinese Culture
ASN 220 Male and Female in East Asian Societies
ASN 304 Courtesan Culture in China and Japan
ASN 342 Chinese Cinema: Gender, Politics and Social Change in Contemporary China
BIDS 211 Labor: Domestic and Global
BIDS 245 Men and Masculinity
BIDS 280 Women's Narratives of Wealth and Power
BIDS 286 Gender, Nationality, and Literature in Latin America
BIDS 291 Middle Ages Art and Literature: The Vikings
BIDS 307 Contexts for Children
BIDS 365 Dramatic Worlds of South Asia
CLAS 209 Alexander the Great
CLAS 230 Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity
CLAS 310 Sparta: Greece's Warrior Society
DAN 212 Dance History II: Global Cultures
DAN 214 Dance History III: 1960s to Present
ECON 122 Economics of Caring
ECON 227 Women and International Development
ECON 310 Economics and Gender
ECON 316 Labor Market Issues
EDUC 208 Teaching, Learning, and Popular Culture
EDUC 331 Rethinking Families
EDUC 370 Social Foundations of Multiculturalism
ENG 212 Literature of Sexual Minorities
ENG 232 Medieval Romance
ENG 238 Flexing Sex
ENG 239 Popular Fiction: The Fifties
ENG 264 Post-World War II American Poetry
ENG 304 Feminist Literary Theory
ENG 310 Power, Desire, Literature
ENG 318 Body, Memory, and Representation
ENG 330 Male Heroism in the Middle Ages
ENG 342 Readings in Multi-Ethnic Women's Literature
ENG 346 Iconoclastic Women in the Middle Ages
ENG 354 Forms of Memoir
ENG 360 Sexuality and American Literature
FRE 251 Introduction to Literature I: Mystics, Friends, and Lovers
FRE 380 Advanced Francophone Topics: Images de Femmes
FRE 389 Women in the French Renaissance
FRNE 311 Feudal Women in France, Vietnam and Japan
GERE 104 German Cinema
GERE 209 Decoding Fairy Tales
HIST 203 Gender in Africa
HIST 208 Women in American History
HIST 234 History of American Thought From 1865
HIST 241 The Politics of Gender and the Family in Europe, 1700-1850
HIST 253 Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 317 Women's Rights Movements in the U.S.
HIST 367 Women and the State: Russia
HIST 371 Life Cycles: The Family in History
HIST 392 Seminar: Women in Japan
HIST 476 Western Civilization and Its Discontents
LGBT 101 Introduction to LGBT Studies
LGBT 201 Transgender Identities and Politics
LGBT 202 Histories of Sexuality in the West
LGBT 206/306 Sexuality and Space
LGBT 207/307 Transnational Intimacies
LGBT 209 Queer of Color Critique
LGBT 301 Queer Geographies and Migrations
LGBT 302 Trans* Studies
LGBT 403 Senior Capstone/Queer Theory
MDSC 100 Introduction to Media and Society
MDSC 203 History of Television
MDSC 304 Media and Theory
MNST 101 College Men: Campus Life and the Quest for Manhood
MNST 301 Theories of Masculinity
MUS 206 Opera As Drama
PHIL 152 Issues: Philosophy and Feminism
PHIL 250 Feminism: Ethics and Knowledge
PHIL 345 Power, Privilege and Knowledge
POL 175 Introduction to Feminist Theory
POL 208 Gender and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa
POL 212 The Sixties
POL 219 Sexual Minority Movements and Public Policy
POL 238 Sex and Power
POL 333 Civil Rights
POL 375 Feminist Legal Theory
POL 401 Sex and Race in International Relations
PSY 205 Adolescent Psychology
PSY 227 Introduction to Social Psychology
PSY 275 Human Sexuality
PSY 344 Topics in Personality
REL 236 Gender and Islam
REL 237 Christianity and Culture
REL 254 Conceptions of God, Goddess, Absolute
REL 281 Women, Religion, and Culture
REL 283 Que(e)rying Religious Studies
REL 321 Muslim Women and Literature
REL 345 Tradition Transformers
REL 347 Gender and Globalization in the Muslim World
REL 354 God, Gender and the Unconscious
RUSE 251/351 Sex, Power, & Creativity in Russian Literature
RUSE 351 Other Voices in 20th-Century Russian Literature: Women Writers
SOC 205 Men and Masculinities
SOC 221 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 223 Inequalities
SOC 225 Sociology of the Family
SOC 226 Sociology of Sex and Gender
SOC 233 Women in the Third World
SOC 240 Gender and Development
SOC 300 Classical Sociological Theory
SOC 340 Feminist Sociological Theory
SOC 375 Social Policy
SPAN 304 Body Border
SPAN 316 Voces de Mujeres
SPAN 392 Latin American Women's Narratives
SPNE 330 Latina Writing in the U.S.
SPNE 404 Lorca and Almodóvar
THAI 201 Thailand
THTR 309 Feminist Theatre
WMST 100 Introduction to Women's Studies
WMST 150 Chicana Feminism and Visual Culture
WMST 204 Politics of Health
WMST 212 Gender and Geography
WMST 213 Transnational Feminisms and Performance
WMST 218 Queer Representation in Theater and Film
WMST 219 Black Feminisms
WMST 220 The Body Politic
WMST 223 Social Psychology
WMST 243 Gender, Sex and Science
WMST 247 The Psychology of Women
WMST 300 Feminist Theory
WMST 305 Food, Feminism, and Health
WMST 308 Chicana and Latina Art: Altars, Ofrendas, and Radical Acts
WMST 309 Stormy Weather: Ecofeminism
WMST 323 Research in Social Psychology
WMST 357 Self in American Culture
WMST 372 Topics in Social Psychology
WRRH 221 He Says, She Says: Language and Gender
WRRH 250 Talk and Text: Introduction to Discourse Analysis
WRRH 252 An Anatomy of American Class: Realities, Myths, Rhetorics
WRRH 301 Discourse of Rape
WRRH 304 Hidden Writing: Journals, Diaries, and Notebooks as Creative Discourse

Fisher Center for the Study Of Gender and Justice

The Fisher Center brings together faculty, students, and experts in gender-related fields in the arts, humanities, and social and natural sciences to foster mutual understanding and social justice in contemporary society. The Center was established in 1998 and supports curricular, programmatic and scholarly projects. Events and discussions are held throughout the year.