The SDF program was created in order to encourage and increase the engagement of students who identify as being from historically underrepresented populations (BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and First Generation) with the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional, and Experiential Education. This initiative grew from a need to further encourage the participation of students with the Salisbury Center, and the need for additional assistance when preparing to compete for career related opportunities.


The program aims to assist SDFs in the following ways:

1. Further career exploration

2. To assist students with professional development in order to prepare students to compete for internship and job opportunities as well as graduate school and fellowships

3. Opportunity to have discussions surrounding identity based topics that relate to career development, internships, and post graduate employment and education


The Salisbury Diversity Fellows program helps to ensure that students from under-represented populations have the opportunity to dive further into career exploration and preparedness. It gives students the opportunity to discuss different career fields, enhanced opportunities for career exploration and professional development, and to have discussions regarding identity based opportunities and challenges that relate to the career development process, internships and post graduate employment and education.


The program will specifically provide the fellows with the ability to have a mentor in their field of interest, and further development based on the NACE Career Competencies: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving, Oral/Written Communication, Teamwork/Collaboration, Digital Technology, Leadership, Professionalism/Work Ethic, and Global/Intercultural Fluency.

Intended Audience

We work with key members who are part of the HWS community to target sophomore students. The program is open to students across all disciplines, and at all levels of career readiness; from those who have no idea what they would like to do, to those that know exactly what they want to do and in-between.


The program will run from September – April during the academic year.

Advantages of being an SDF

1. SDFs are given priority application status when applying to any of the Salisbury Center's Career Trek programs (students must meet minimum qualifications set forth by the individual treks).

2. SDFs will be matched with a job shadow placement over winter break.

3. By completing the program, SDFs will complete all of the necessary requirements and are eligible for the Guaranteed/Internship/Research and funding program.

4. SDFs will each be assigned an alum mentor. Every other meeting will be facilitated by an alum and have an identity-based topic discussion.