Associate Professor of Biology Mark Deutschlander and students in his ornithology class kayak along the barge canal at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, observing birds that depend on wetland habitats for migration and breeding.

New Perspectives on STEM

A green film appears on the surface of a local lake. Squirrels in the city have different colored coats than those in the country. The internet and the human brain exhibit intriguingly similar patterns of behavior.

Scientists at Hobart and William Smith have refined curious observations such as these into piercing hypotheses, and their research reveals complex webs of causes, effects and unanswered questions that cut across disciplines. In experiments and analyses, students, faculty and staff collaborate to understand and protect the environment, explore the origins of life and the universe, sustain and enhance health, comprehend an explosion of data and grapple with the possibilities and challenges that come with it. In the following pages, we take a cross-section of the STEM research underway in the lab and the field for a clearer window on the world.