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Jordan Roblyer
Jordan Roblyer
Assistant Director of Admissions for Communications, Director of Transfer Admissions 

With the closing of Cazenovia College following the 2022-2023 academic year, Hobart and William Smith have partnered with Cazenovia in a teach-out agreement that makes it easy for Cazenovia students to continue their education at HWS. Should you choose to study at HWS, you will be supported academically and financially to ensure a smooth transition, including retaining the same net cost of tuition and fees you have at Cazenovia. This cost will remain constant for the remainder of your attendance at HWS as long as you remain a student in good standing and graduate on time. Hobart and William Smith are committed to providing an exceptional experience for Cazenovia transfer students


Frequently Asked Questions

will i be considered a transfer student?

Yes. All Cazenovia students partaking in the program will be considered transfer students and have the same opportunities as all HWS students.

What services and support Will Be Provided?

Cazenovia transfer students will have full access to our relationship-rich academic, administrative and student support services including academic advising and enrichment, mentorship from the HWS Deans, student housing, health and wellness services, financial aid and disability services.

Do I need to Apply to HWS?

Yes. All transfer students are required to submit the Common Application. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and priority will be given to students who apply by Aug. 1, 2023. There is no cost to apply.

Does HWS have my major?

Programs that have been determined as comparable between HWS and Cazenovia are:

Cazenovia Major HWS Major
Biology, BA  Biology, BA, BS
Communications Studies, BA  Media & Society, BA 
English, BA  English, BA 
Environmental Biology, BS  Environmental Studies, BS 
History, BA  History, BA 
History Social Science Dual, BA  History, BA/Sociology, BA 
Psychology, BS  Psychological Science, BS 
Social Science, BA  Sociology, BA 
Studio Art, BFA Studio Art, BA 


Hobart and William Smith also offer the option for students to create an individual major when a student’s focus of study lies outside an established department or program-based major, and/or combines multiple disciplines.

can you only transfer to hws if you have a comparable major?

While you are welcome to continue your path of study at Hobart and William Smith, you also have the freedom to participate in any of our 70+ academic programs or you can design your own major. We encourage students with all academic interests to transfer to HWS.

Will i be able to graduate on time?

Depending on your course of study, you should be able to graduate on time without a problem. Our caring faculty and staff will work with you to account for the credits you have earned at Cazenovia and chart an efficient path to graduation at HWS.

Will i be required to take a first year seminar?

No. Transfer students are not required to take a First Year Seminar.

Can I keep my cazenovia roommate?

Yes. We will accommodate roommate requests from all Cazenovia transfer students. Transfer students who do not request a roommate will be paired with another student in upperclass housing.

will cazenovia students share a common residence hall?

Pending the interest of Cazenovia transfer students, we will accommodate requests to be housed in a residence hall with all other Cazenovia transfer students. 

Will I live on campus?

HWS guarantees housing for every Cazenovia transfer student and commits that the cost of doing so will not exceed the residential net price that Cazenovia students paid there. We strongly encourage students to engage in our residential community. If you did not live on campus at Cazenovia, you are not required to do so at HWS.

Will i be able to join greek life, participate in clubs and organizations, hold leadership positions or work on campus?

Yes. Cazenovia transfer students will have the exact same co-curricular opportunities as all other HWS students. Learn more about life at HWS.

Will there be an orientation?

Yes. New student orientation is scheduled for Aug. 20-27, 2023. All transfer students are expected to participate.

how much will it cost to attend hws?

Students who submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are guaranteed a cost of attendance at HWS equal to what they would have paid at Cazenovia. This cost will remain constant for the remainder of the student’s attendance at HWS as long as they remain a student in good standing and graduate on time.  

Can I aPply for Financial Aid?

Yes. As per the teach-out agreement, every Cazenovia student seeking a consistent cost of attendance will be required to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). If our Office of Financial Aid determines you are eligible for additional scholarships, grants, loans or work-study, the additional awards will be automatically offered.  

will i be able to play a sport?

Yes. HWS offers 29 varsity athletic programs, as well as intramural and club sports. Students interested in competing at the varsity level should reach out directly to the head coach of the program for more information. Coach contact information can be found here.

Am I eligible for the guaranteed internship program?

Yes. Transfer students are afforded the same opportunities as all HWS students. Learn more about the Pathways Program, our Internship Guarantee and the HWS Career Network. 

Can I Study Abroad?

Absolutely. Transfer students regularly take advantage of off-campus opportunities. Learn more about our study abroad offerings.




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