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From language and literature to history, politics and economics, discover and embrace all aspects of Latin America with a major or minor in Latin American Studies. Topics include Cuba post-1959 revolution, Latin American perspectives and cross-listed courses in Spanish and Hispanic Studies, Anthropology, Religious Studies and more. You’ll graduate with a greater knowledge of Latin America and an expanded worldview.

Student Spotlightpaulina tejada '25

majors: politcal science, gender and feminist studies
minors: Spanish, TEFL Certification

"Working in the Latin American Studies program has allowed me to tap into my culture in a way that I have never had access to in the past. I have a better understanding of my ancestors and I have taken on learning the Spanish language and its literature with a focal point on women’s plights. Professor of Spanish and Hispanic Studies May Farnsworth has really helped me on this journey by exposing me to literature from women across the Latin American diaspora." 


Experiential EducationConnecting the Classroomto Co-curricular Opportunity

Explore job opportunities through the Salisbury Center for Career, Professional and Experiential Education or engage with the Latin American Organization during a club event at the Intercultural Affairs Center.

At Hobart and William Smith Colleges, learning goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. You’ll gain high-impact practical experience that deepens learning and opens doors.




No Borders:Global Education

Examine the relationship between people and nature in Argentina or study the work of Latin American psychologists in Ecuador and Peru.

Wherever you go, our top-ranked global education program will allow you to apply classroom knowledge, develop cultural understanding and build global connections that expand your personal capacity and sense of purpose.

Students abroad in Ecuador

Examine Latin American culture, history and politics through many lenses.

LTAM 210 – Latin American Perspectives 

Explore the rich history and culture of Latin America through written word and film. 

LTAM 222 – Caribbean Literature and Politics

Examine the Caribbean through its rich literature, depicting its troubles with race and ethnicity, its people's struggles with U.S. dominance and the long-lasting impact of colonialism.

LTAM 308 – Latin American/Latino Cinema

Study Latin American film and the Latino film makers who create them. 

Alum ImpactAn Educationto Empower

Audrey platt '21
fundraising associate at maier anderson 

Audrey had plenty of experiences at HWS to prepare her for her first job: serving as Student Trustee, working on local election campaigns and volunteering with social justice and political groups. Now, she’s using those experiences to help clients develop self-sustaining fundraising techniques.

Companies That Employ Our graduates

  • Bank of America
  • Blackrock 
  • Chemonics International 
  • GEICO Corporation 
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Metropolitian Museum of Art 
  • National Institutes of Health 
  • New York Dept. of Education 

universities where our graduates are studying

  • North Carolina State University
  • Roger Williams University of Law
  • Texas A&M
  • Tufts University
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Vermont
  • Vermont Law School
  • Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies