Reinforcing the Social Norms Approach

Social Norms BIDS2018_22For years, Professor of Chemistry David Craig P’05, Professor of Sociology Wesley Perkins and an evolving roster of HWS student researchers have illustrated the gap between college students’ perceptions around…
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Social Norms Approach Addressing Problem Behaviors

Perkins_Wes Perkins_Jessica Craig_David 10-0920_0040HWS Professor of Sociology H. Wesley Perkins, HWS Professor of Chemistry David W. Craig P’05 and Assistant Professor in the Department of Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University Jessica…
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Award-winning Chemistry Presentations

Chemistry Conference 2HWS chemistry students delivered an award-winning poster presentation at the Binghamton University Conference in Undergraduate Chemistry Research during the fall semester. Accompanied by chemistry faculty Professor Walter Bowyer, Professor Erin…
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Structure and Spectroscopy of Furan

NewbyTyler Fuller ’18, Schuyler Lockwood ’16 and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Josh Newby explore what an individual molecule says about the system it inhabits, in their recent article “Structure and…
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Scudamore ’55 Donates Arthur Dove Painting

Dove Painting-00025Richard A. Scudamore ’55 has donated a watercolor painting, titled Switch Engine, by noted 20th century artist Arthur Dove to The Collections of Hobart and William Smith Colleges. A generous…
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