Under the guidance and mentorship of Biology professors, students may choose to perform Honors. Most will complete a summer of research followed by research in their senior year. The work culminates as a written and defended Honors thesis, and the work is often presented at conferences or published as scientific articles.


  • Nicolette Andrzejczyk '16 (Adviser: Cushman): Histological effects of Endocrine Disruptors on Male Blacknose Dace (Rhinichthys atratulus) in the Seneca Lake, NY Watershed.
  • Alexander Gatch ’16 (Adviser: Brown): Age and Size as Predictors of Mercury Accumulation in Lake Trout from the Finger Lakes.
  • Kathryn M. Mendez ’16 (Adviser: Brown): The Potential Use of Environmental DNA for Detection of Hemimysis anomala.
  • Lauren Walter ’16 (Adviser: Straub): Comparative genomic analysis of Apocynaceae plastomes. 


  • Stephanie L. Cramer ’15 (Adviser: Mowery): Examining the Amino Acids in Bacterial Motility-like Receptors.
  • Bridget E. Logan ’15 (Adviser: Kenyon):Examining Protein Interactions of Candidate Genes Implicated in Branchio-oto-renal (BOR) Syndrome.
  • Alison J. McCarthy ’15 (Adviser: Cosentino):Do Edge Effects Impact the Behavioral Traits of Red-backed Salamanders in a Fragmented Forest.
  • Caitlyn E. Mitchell ’15 (Adviser: Carle): Testing Xyzistatin, a Novel Depsipeptide, for Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor Activity on Cancer Cells.
  • Amanda L. Rappaport ’15 (Adviser: Droney): Mating decisions: Alternate Courtship Strategies and Sexual Conflict in Drosophila sulfurigaster (tropical fruit flies).
  • Carly E. Rolph ’15 (Adviser: Mowery): Biological Evaluation of Simplified Analogs of Protein Kinase C Inhibitor Staurosporine.
  • Kaitley A. Wozer ’15 (Joint Honors in Biology (Mowery) and Dance (Davneport):
    Viral Bodies: Socially Conscious Bio-Specific Choreography.


  • Shannon M. Beston ’14 (Adviser: Cushman): The Ecological Effects of Black Spot Disease on Stream Health in the Seneca Lake Watershed.
  • Samuel C. Knopka ’14 (Adviser: Cosentino): The Spatial Distribution of the Terrestrial Salamander Plethodon cinereus Along a Forest Fragmentation Gradient in Finger Lakes National Forest.
  • Guanqun Li ’14(Adviser: Carle):Characterization of Agrobacterium vitis chvB Mutant.
  • Dona G. Occhipinti ’14 (Adviser: Deutschlander): Approaches to Cardiovascular Research and Its Future Implications in Translational Medicine.


  • Stephen G. Mugel, ’13 (Adviser: Droney): The Social Influences of Male Courtship: Competition, Female Quality, and Indications of Female Selectivity.
  • Deepak Vallabhaneni ’13 (Adviser: Carle): Evaluating the Biological Activity of Depsipeptide HDAC Inhibitors on p53-deficient U937 Cells.


  • Wendi A. Bacon ’12 (Adviser: Mowery): Myeloma Cell Biology: The Role of the Bone Marrow Environment in Promoting Myeloma Cells.
  • Josephine P. Stout ’12 (Adviser: Kenyon): The Genetics of Fruit Fly Eye Development: Identifying the Critical Amino Acids of Sobp that Mediate Interaction with the Transcriptional Regulator Sine oculis.


  • Hillary L. Framson ’11 (Adviser: Carle): Is Attachment Required for Necrosis and HR Induction in Agrobacterium vitis?
  • Robert Taylor ’11 (Adviser: Deutschlander):The Irruptive Migratory Strategy of the Black-capped Chickadee: An Integrative Study of Energetics and Spatial Orientation in Poecile atricapillus.

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